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Business Development

The Picture Pages Way to Organize Your Tasks and Teams

organizeWhile sticky notes was one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread, as a system for organizing your daily tasks they rate an epic fail..

If your office and desk are decorated with fluttering bits of note paper and sticky notes (and if you’re always hunting for the most recent note you scribbled), you need this video lesson, which can help get things in order.

Organization not one of your better traits?

The word organize may make you cringe. You want to organize your tasks (and possibly your team members). You know that being organized saves time and money – but how to do it seems to be some elusive secret. Well now the secret’s out in this video lesson.

Check out what a professional has to say.

A guy who has spent years in the corporate world, and who now lives and breathes real estate investing, internet marketing, and technology, should have some knowledge of how to organize tasks and teams, right?

Of course, right!

Bob McIntosh has leveraged his experience as a seasoned investor, combined with his passion and knowledge of technology, to deliver the best education for homeowners on their homes. And make sure you check out Bob’s other great lessons too.

The Picture Pages way.

If you’re a child of the late ’80s/early ’90s, you’ll remember the (awesome!) TV show with Bill Cosby called Picture Pages that presented simple teaching concepts via lively pictures and graphics. That’s about as easy as it gets for this program that Bob describes in this great video lesson.

It’s guaranteed to help you better organize your business.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Run a Quick Inventory of Your Day: Is your day spent in purposeful actions? Or are you going 50 directions at once?

Improve Your Organizational Skills: Understand how crucial these skills are to the success of your business.

Look into these Terrific Extras: These videos will give you a more well-rounded overview of this management/organization program: Check out this Trello review, and this very cool, descriptive how-to.

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