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Business Development

REI Business Planning: Matching Your Market

Question: When crafting your real estate investing business, how much thought have you ever given to how well your business plan actually matches the resources available to you in your opportunity market?

Probable Answer: Not much, if any (Am I right?)

Today we’re continuing our dialogue with Lifeonaire and Mogul faculty Steve Cook – another part of our plain-spoken conversation with him about how to craft the best possible real estate investing business plan. (Something Steve’s helped literally hundreds of other investors accomplish.)

Previously we’ve discussed putting first things first in business planning, the difference between being a generalist vs. a specialist in REI, and knowing when to quit your job and go full time.

And today, as you might have guessed, Steve’s going to share the importance of revolving your business plan around resources currently available in the marketplace.

From Steve Cook, Business Planning Advisor…

[Mogul Elite: Download a transcript and MP3 of this video in the Power Pack tools for this lesson}


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Make it your mission to uncover what your market is “asking” you to provide it
  • Craft your business to work with your market
  • You can only learn this in the trenches, and by talking to other local investors
  • Talk to your local (regional) lenders, title companies, and other investors, and find out what’s already working well and where the open needs are
  • Find a way to fill them – build it into your business plan

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