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Business Development

The Utter Necessity of Reading Your Market

necessityYou know him. You love him. And he’s back with another mind-blowing, must-see video lesson. Welcome (back) Justin Wilmot, a true “lifestyle entrepreneur” and the man who opened our eyes to the power of focusing on one type of deal. And while you’re at it, make sure you check out these other lessons from Justin because they each present ideas that expand on one another… so, read this one, this one and here, too.

Oh, and Justin also joined us for an awesome training call, where he shared his belief in razor-sharp focus and the importance of being a specialist in your business, not a generalist.

To Justin, razor-sharp focus doesn’t just mean honing in on a goal – it also means not defaulting to doubt when your market looks futile. 

As real estate investors and entrepreneurs (especially those newbies out there), we have a tendency to focus on what’s NOT working in your market. Doubt takes over, and we throw in the towel.

But what about focusing on the sweet spots in your market and listening to what it’s telling you?

That’s what Justin’s going to share with us in his latest video lesson. He’s back to talk about staying agile in your market by reading your market, understanding what your market is asking of you and getting nose to nose with whatever that sweet spot is in your market.

So friends, let's get you working smarter, not harder…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Be a specialist, not a generalist.

Read your market correctly for clues about what it’s asking of you and your biz.

Go with your market – don’t swim upstream.

Adjust your strategy to go with the market.

Know your market’s sweet spots.

Focus your efforts on those sweet spots.

Work smarter, not harder! 

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