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3 Options When Renegotiating A Wholesale Deal

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negotiationsHey Moguls, Steph Davis coming to you with some uber-helpful information about negotiating deals. Well, actually it’s more about renegotiating. I’ve offered up lots of great negotiating and wholesaling info here on Mogul, so make sure you check those out here too.

For today, though, I’m hitting on this subject because recently a student of mine asked me about a wholesale deal that he needed to renegotiate. Here’s the situation…

His situation was that he’d contracted to purchase a property for $110k, and he’d been marketing it at $120k for a couple of weeks with no response. The seller owned the property free and clear and was highly motivated.

Finally, the investor (my student) got a cash offer, but it was for $110k. This buyer was a legitimate player in the area and let it be known that he’d done…

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