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1 Simple Trick to Crush It With Bandit Signs

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From Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro…

You know what sucks?  Putting out bandit signs…

If you really want to get calls, you need to put out roughly 100 at a time. That will take you about four hours. And you need to do it under the cover of night because, as we all know, they are illegal

You know what sucks worse than putting out 100 bandit signs in the middle of the night while trying to duck the cops and code enforcement?

When your bandit signs fail to deliver any good leads…

Blinding Them with Science

Look, bandit signs work.  Why else would we risk extreme loss of sleep and income (try $300 per sign if you get caught)?

A hundred bandit signs should get you at least one contract.

And, you're going to make at least $10,000 on a flip. So, paying anywhere from $200 to $300 and spending four hours on a Friday night to make at least $10,000 is well worth it. Wouldn't you agree?

But, like with everything we do, there's a science behind it.

If you fail to follow these few simple steps, you can expect a ton of time and money wasted. Couple that with the harassment you'll receive from the city code enforcement and it's enough to ruin your day for sure. 

But, if you follow these very simple and easy to implement rules I’m about to lay out for you, then you can not only expect a ton of calls… but a crap ton of money, too. 

Oh, and absolutely zero hassle from the code cops.

Maestro Rules for Making Bank with Bandit Signs

Step 1: Get an untraceable local phone number

Personally, I prefer and use www.patlive.com. Lots of other investors use them to. And heck, why mess with what’s already working brilliantly for lots of other successful investors?

This is how you avoid the code enforcement: Make sure you don't mention your name or business name on your voicemail greeting.

Step 2: Use yellow 18" x 24" signs

You can get blank signs from signwarehouse.com, or you can order printed signs that look like they were handwritten through bigdaddyssigns.com.  

I choose the latter. I spend about $100 more for the printed signs, but to me, it’s well worth it. Writing out signs takes a ridiculously long time. And, by the time you're done, you need a 30 day detox from huffing marker fumes.

Step 3: Add a woman's name as the call to action on your sign

You heard me. Tell them who to call… and make sure it's female

Even if you don’t have a female on your team… make up a name and do it anyway. And, when you call them back, explain that your fictitious lady partner is out looking at houses, but that you'd be glad to help. 

Why does this work? Probably something to do with people feeling less intimidated by women in general.

It doesn’t matter really. I’ve tested the heck out of this and it just works, so do it.

I can't actually take credit for this trick. A friend, and really good investor by the name of David Olds, taught it to me.  And more appreciative I could not be.  It crushes.  And, nobody else is doing it…

Bottom Line, Here is What Your Bandits Should Look Like:


So there ya go. Short and sweet, but jam packed with real world awesome.

Now get out there and break the law!                

Holla at us

Have bandit signs worked for you? Have you used this tactic successfully? We wanna hear about it in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Get an untraceable phone number, so if the cops or code enforcement come after the person who placed the (illegal) bandit signs, they won’t know it’s you.

Do not make your own signs by hand. That’s crazy time consuming and inefficient. Have them professionally printed for a small fee.

Use a woman’s name on the bandit sign; it’s less intimidating for people if they think a woman is involved.

Place your bandit signs. They work! Go do it – now.

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