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How I Leveraged a Crack Shack Booger Wholesale into a Sweet Seller-Financed Cash Cow

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Silly title, SUPER important topic for today’s great video lesson with Erik Stark. He talks about an actual deal he did – numbers and details included – that dominoed into a couple other deals bringing in some nice profits along the way.

It’s a true story of 3 totally different properties. By really listening to a seller and adding in some smart and creative thinking, Erik was able to switch things around to bring in more transactions and ended up with some awesome cash for himself and for his client. (Think of it as a refi scenario done.) This will blow your mind…

In this video lesson, Erik breaks it all down so you can see how amazingly well this whole thing turned out. It’ll make you think about how you do your own deals in a whole new way. It takes some twists and turns so be sure to pay attention; it’s a good done!

Stark Solutions

Erik runs a super successful real estate flipping business just north of Detroit. Founded in 2008, he operates the wholesale, marketing and acquisition side of Michigan Property Superstore.

Erik has done more than 100 transactions in just two years and loves teaching newbies how to flip on a professional level. In fact, Erik currently teaches for Preston Ely's REO Rockstar coaching program. This dude knows marketing and flipping.

And make sure you check out Erik’s other awesome lessons. Members LOVED them, so go look into those.

Let’s get to it! This is a great real-world example that you’ll wanna hear about…and learn from. It’s how a true professional investor does real estate:

{Mogul Elite Members, download a Erik’s “Napkin Sketch” as a Mogul Elite Power Pack Tool and follow along with the numbers.}

Here are the pictures of the three houses that you’ll hear Erik talk about in this video lesson:

3 houses


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Start practicing making multiple types of offers on every deal when working with individual sellers.

Look at your business as more than just a lead generation vehicle.

Leverage any real estate opportunity in an effort to hold more real estate.

Graduate from wholesaling and onto different and more profitable deals.

Do business with landlords to create seller-financed terms to leverage more money for other deals.

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