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The Realtor 'Mindshare' Tactic: How to Woo Agents to Bring You Deals

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Hey guys, Jp Moses here…

Today I want to share with you an extremely powerful, little-used yet simple method to deploy for getting deals.

With this one little tactic, before you know it, you’ll have motivated agents calling you regularly, just as their closing has fallen through, basically begging you to be their white knight to step in and save the day by taking over as buyer of their otherwise dead deal.

Credit where credit is due though, I learned this from Joe McCall in one of my previous conversations with him, and he learned it from one of his colleagues. So this is a bit of a daisy chain from the source, but you’re definitely gonna get how powerful this is – and yet how simple… this will blow your mind. (You’re welcome, in advance, for the deals.)

Let’s dive in…

Agents Are Your Friends

Putty in your hands is more like it. And NO ONE else is even aware of these “Hail Mary” deals that I’m gonna talk about.

Every time you talk to an agent…whether they seem eager to work you as their backup or not… make sure that you:

(1) get their email address, and

(2) ask them if it’s okay for you to email them later, to see if they’ve come upon any other similar deals that you can buy from them.

In fact, start doing this with any agents you interact with in the course of your business.

And when you do, every single agent will answer you with an enthusiastic “Yes, of course you can email me about any other houses I have that you might definitely want to buy!”

Why? Well because, Captain Obvious, they’re Realtors. Their job is to try to sell you houses and make commissions. No agent (who’s not an idiot) will ever turn down the chance to make a quick commish from a buyer who’s hungry to buy something from them.

What to Do Next…

Now you may be wondering… “Okay, so now that I’ve got their email address…what am I supposed to do… email them? Ew!”

Answer: YES…and no. Here’s the deal...

What you want to do is add a systematic routine into your business in which you start sending out an email to this growing group of Realtors every single week. Nothing spectacular or fancy…just a quick ping with something like this:

“Hey, it’s Investor Person. Just wondering if you’ve come across any distressed or discounted properties in my target zip codes recently. I’m still on the hunt, looking for my next tasty investment. If you have anything, please send it my way. I’ve still got cash on tap and can close within a few days, as always. Thanks!”

Or here’s another example,

“Hey, it’s Investor Person. Got any good investor deals for me this week? My trigger finger’s itching – I need a deal. Please let me know if you do – I’ve got cash on hand, and can give you a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on anything you send me. As always, my favorite zips are 22222, 33333…. Thanks, here’s my number…XXX.XXXX”

You Will Probably Try to Overcomplicate This

It always happens… but resist the temptation. The beauty and power here is its simplicity and consistency.

leaseEvery single week, your growing list of Realtors should get a short, polite little email from you like the ones above. Hopefully not the exact same words every week – you definitely should make it sound as REAL as you can by varying it up a bit each time, so it doesn’t seem like an impersonal copy/paste every time.

But, every week, blast your growing group of agents with a tidy little email. Keeping your name and message in front of them like this will absolutely start spoon feeding leads into your inbox…FOR FREE.

Let me say that again: These leads are free and often exclusive, meaning you’re hearing about them first.

And you may be tempted to wonder if this little tactic can really be all that lucrative…since it’s so ridiculously simple.

Well the fact is, the awesome investor who shared this with us uses this method exclusively for buying houses…and his cup freakin’ runneth over with, I believe, an average of 6 sweet, sweet, high-fructose-corn-syrupy deals each and every month…from this single channel alone.

Why Does This Work so Well?

It’s all about mindshare. Here’s what I mean…

These agents have their hands in the real estate world every single day. They’re seeing properties that’ll never make your radar. Most of them are crap for an investor, yes. But then there’s the rare gem that pops up, right? And you never really know when they’re going to stumble upon or have someone present them with the perfect deal in the perfect area for you.

…An inherited property a friend’s aunt wants listed…
…A colleague with a desperate pre-foreclosure seller ready to wheel and deal…

You just never know, but it happens all the time.

The question is: How can you be the guy that these agents think of FIRST when that perfect deal makes their radar?

Answer: By harvesting tiny little bits of their brain each week. In other words, by having your message constantly, gently embedded into their mind on a weekly basis with your polite little deal-hunting emails. Also known as “mindshare.”

joseSo when that oh-so-perfect-for-you investor deal pops up, they don’t think of the We Buy Houses billboard guy first… they don’t think of any of the bandit signs they’ve seen driving around, or even the investors they met when they stumbled into your REIA meeting last month…

Nope, they think of you…the nice dude who keeps sending them those friendly little “Got any deals yet?” emails each week. You are first and foremost. You seem like a nice guy who knows how to play ball because you’ve been gently reminding them of that fact each week…and clearly you’re actively looking to buy… so they’re gonna call you first.

Now you should bear in mind that this works best when:

(1) You are crystal clear and drilled down pretty specifically on the types of deals, areas, etc. that are ideal for you; and

(2) you’re able to clearly, concisely articulate that to them at some point.

You don’t want them sending you everything they can find on the MLS that has the word “foreclosure” attached to it. So specificity is your friend.

Bottom line… With each little email you send them every week, you’re actively carving out a little larger slice of mindshare and earning the right to be the first person they think to turn to for a quick sale with any distressed type deals.

How to Do This Super Awesome and Easy

On the upside, this is a deceptively simple, off-the-hook effective, little deal-getter that I guarantee no one else in your market is using. And it flat out works, period. Remember, our guy uses only this method to buy houses, and he’s got almost more than he can handle.

agentBut on the other side of the coin, I would never, ever remember (or even want) to personally send out an email like this every week. That’s actually the opposite of something I ever want on my personal to-do list on any given day. So no matter how well intentioned I am, it’s just not in the cards for me to end up following through on something like this myself.

So if you’re like me – or if you just realize this is a really great tactic, but also a really sucky use of your personal time – then here’s what to do:

Option 1: Have a $2-$3/hour task monkey do it for you…

Hire a virtual assistant that can handle English decently well, and make sure they have it on their to-do list to send out your mindshare harvesting, deal-getting email each week.

Boom… ‘nuff said.

Option 2: Queue the whole dang thing up in an autoresponder for a year (or more) in advance…

You know what an email autoresponder is, right? It’s basically a web service that lets you compile your whole big email list all in one place and efficiently email them all at once, whenever you want. But you don’t have to only send email blasts out to your list in “real time” – you can actually queue up a bunch of emails, spaced out however you want, in whatever order you want, and have them sent out at whatever pace you want.

(A) Just use a service like GetResponse.com or something similar.

(B) Write (or hire someone else to write) 52 little emails all at once, that all say the same basic thing in a slightly different way, like I described above.

(C) Then queue the whole shebang up as an autoresponder, and you’re off to the races.

It’s automation at its finest – each and every time someone fresh gets added to your list, the system starts them off with email #1, then continues dripping them out weekly for as long as you’ve queued them up.

Want to really do it Mogul style?

(A) Hire a virtual assistant to write 52 emails

(B) Have this virtual assistant queue them all up in your autoresponder

(C) Every time you want to add a new agent to the list, email it to your VA and have them do it.

Whenever an agent responds to any of the emails your VA queued up, make sure it’s your VA who actually fields the response, to pre-screen the lead. After all, your time is worth gazillions of dollars, you big time real estate investor, you. No need to have your mind, or time, cluttered dealing with unqualified, unscreened leads, right?

BOOM! And that, ladies and gents, is how you do it mogul-style.

Let’s Hear It

Have you had success with this tactic? Are you gonna give it a go? Talk to us in the comments below.

Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Ask every agent if you can get their email address and if it’s okay for you to email them to check on deals they have.

Blast out a simple weekly email reminding the agents who you are and that you’re interested in any deals they have that fit your business model.

Automate the weekly emails using an autoresponder or VA so you don’t even have to think about them. They’ll still go out like clockwork every week, and you’ll know they’re effective by all the calls you’ll be getting from motivated agents.

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