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Inner Game

Done Vs. Perfect Part 2 - What Are You So Afraid Of?

Hey Moguls, today’s great video lesson is the continuation of a two-parter from the super smart Bob McIntosh.

In Part 1, Bob talked about how perfection may be ruining you… he explained how an obsession with perfection could cause you to waste time, energy and lose focus. But thankfully, Bob put us on the right path. And he’s following it up today with a jammed-packed Part 2.

We’re just gonna say it – perfectionism is not your friend. Really, we’re serious. Look, we get it, you’re an entrepreneur; you’re a Type A, do everything right, it must be perfect, kinda person…

But we’re here to tell you to snap out of it! How? You have to self-modify.

The "Red-Headed Rehabber"

Bob is awesome. He specializes in rehabs and fix & flips. His Renovation Domination systems and processes for renovating homes has been proven to work successfully in any market in the U.S.

We are thrilled to have Bob on board at Mogul because he is a genius at taking all the technical mumbo jumbo out of what we do and teaching it in ways that are clear and easy for everyone to understand – and reap the benefits of his awesome advice.

He’s already given some super-useful REI advice, which you should definitely out from his awesome previous lessons.

You Want (and Need) this Video Lesson

One of the ways to get us over this perfection silliness is to find a mentor – a good one who won’t sugar coat things with you – and who can help you decide what you need to do and what you can pass on, and how to outsource and delegate appropriately.

In order to change this perfection habit though, it’s so important to understand where that need to be perfect comes from. And wouldn’t you know that Bob and our own JP Moses dive into some good psych talk that Freud himself would be proud of.

Oh is this ever a great follow up, packed with tons of helpful info…


Holla at us

Are you a perfectionist? Do you see how that may be holding you back? Share some thoughts with us in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Understand that perfectionism likely stems from fear.

Find a great mentor who can help you figure out the tasks you should be working on and those that you can let go of.

Delegate and outsource the tasks that someone else can responsibly and correctly do.

Fail forward and learn as you go and grow.

Get it out there – done if better than perfect.

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