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Inner Game

Engineering Success: How Your Thoughts Call the Shots

Let's talk about you.

So…what’s on your mind?

No seriously. I want to know. On the surface it may seem like a simple question you've asked and answered a thousand times. But I say there’s way more to it than you've ever even considered before.

12-12 thinkingConsider This…

How you think and feel, determines your decisions. Your decisions lead to actions. Your actions determine your results. And your results influence your thoughts.

I know - deep, right? What's it mean?

Thoughts. Decisions. Actions. Results. It’s like your own mental circle of life – a cycle that repeats itself over… and over… and over again. And as it does, it either advances you towards success or pushes you towards failure.

Thoughts. Decisions. Actions. Results.

But how can you leverage this? Powerfully, my friend. Powerfully.

Let’s Make it Tangible

Not happy with your current private money getting results? Or the deal leads you’re getting? Or your current contacts base? Or __________________________?

Well first off, realize this… it all starts with your thoughts!

That’s right, at the top of your mental food chain, it’s your thoughts calling the shots. Based on the thoughts you continually hold in your mind, and what you choose to truly believe in your heart, your results are ultimately determined.

Here’s how Brian Tracy puts it:

“Whatever you believe with emotion becomes your reality. You always act in a manner consistent with your innermost beliefs and convictions.”

~ Brian Tracy

So from the 10,000 foot view, here's what that looks like: Don’t like your results? Change your thoughts.

To illustrate, I have a little story for ya…

Meet Jim.

Meet JimJim’s a 47 year-old guy who doesn't like his job and is desperately looking for a way out. He’s always dreamed of being financially free and ever since he saw a late night real estate investing infomercial, has been devouring everything REI he could get his hands on.

The biggest roadblock in Jim’s mind was how he was going to finance his deals. He had always been a pessimist but decided since that hadn't worked out well for him, he would try something different. He vividly imagined himself succeeding, easily getting private money, and building a profitable business. And he kept doing this.

Meet Jim's Friends

Meet Jim's FriendsJim told a few of his friend’s at work about his dreams of becoming an investor… and they laughed at him. One of them said, “You have to have money to make money.” He could have believed them and quit at this point. So many do.

He didn't think he was ready to take action. Maybe you can relate?

The last thing Jim wanted to do was come across as a newbie. Many people that “try” real estate investing get flat out stuck at this point. Then sadly end up never taking action, never getting results, and casting blame on something or someone else for why they failed.

But not Jim. Jim decided to ignore the naysayers and move forward, even though he felt some genuine nervous fear about it.  Jim decided, ready or not, it was time for action. His new mindset enabled him to make this decision and conquer his “getting started” fears.

Next Come Results

Jim's CryingJim gets a potential deal referred to him from a family member and meets with the seller. He’s very uncomfortable. The meeting doesn't last long and Jim leaves feeling dejected and lost.

What now? Jim starts to think maybe his friends from work were right. He feels his fear-based, pessimist attitude taking back over.

Lots of people quit at this point. But not Jim. And the cycle repeats.

Jim’s Realization

Jim realizesYou see, Jim came to realize that anytime you learn something new, it takes time. That naysayers, and bumps and bruises, and fear are all just part of the deal. Part of what he must learn to slay in order to be a conqueror.

Jim focused his mind back on what he wants, vividly visualized his success, kept his eye on the ball, and got back into action.

A couple more deals come Jim’s way. He still doesn't know how he’s going to finance his deals but is beginning to actually believe (and not just tell himself) that the money is out there.

Meet Rob

Next Jim meets a guy named Rob at his local REIA club who is also interested in getting into real estate and has financial resources to do it with. But Rob doesn't have much time or motivation to learn the entire investing process or deal with contractors or tenants.

Jim's happy!Hmmm,” Jim thinks to himself… “Rob has money, wants to get into REI, but doesn't have the time or motivation to do it himself.” Jim mentions to him that he’s finding some good deals and is looking for a financial partner.  He’s still green, but has a solid plan and some genuine action notched on his belt.

Rob says he’s interested in funding his next deal.

Ha ha, yes! A week later, Jim calls Rob about a deal… and he’s in!!

Jim Gets Sucker Punched

Jim got sucker punchedThey quickly move towards closing. But then at the last minute, Rob suddenly gets cold feet and stops returning Jim’s calls.

To say that Jim was crushed would be an understatement. Jim could have quit. But he didn't.

He decided not to point the finger at Rob (which is what the mediocre majority do) for backing out on the deal. He could have found a backup private lender just to be on the safe side. And the cycle repeats.

What Jim Now Knows

Jim resolves

Jim knows full well that, if he allows it, his thoughts and emotions could very well send him spiraling at this point.

And he realizes he now has a choice – to either

A) let this sucker punch take the wind out of his sails, or

B) move even more fiercely into believing that success is his, so long as he learns from this and doesn't give up.

Fierce determination kicks in. Rather than spiraling, Jim reminds himself aloud that failure is only experienced when someone quits… and all results, whether perceived as “good” or “bad,” are learning experiences. He understands that it’s only a matter of time before he closes his first deal.

Jim Believes

Jim believesThis belief fuels Jim to take MASSIVE action… and get multiple private lenders line up. With every step he takes, he gets better and more comfortable with the entire process.

Then PRESTO, as if by magic, all the pieces of the puzzle come together… and Jim closes his first deal.

Jim is now part of the small group of noob investors who break through the first deal barrier. His limiting beliefs are crumbling before his eyes.

What About You?

Can you relate to Jim’s story at all?

  • Maybe you’re an advanced investor with years of experience behind you, and Jim’s story remind you of your own version.
  • Or maybe you’re a brand spanking newbie, like Jim, and you feel like you’re a bit stuck at the moment.

Either way, I challenge you to ask yourself: At this moment in your life, how are your thoughts and feelings working for you?  Are they advancing you toward success? Limiting your success? Or even pushing you towards defeat?

Remember, it all starts with your thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your results.

Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Start by intentionally speaking truth to yourself.

Personally I recommend a daily ritual of affirmations (or “incantations” as Tony Robbins likes to call them). Every morning, looks your own steely jaw in the mirror, and tell yourself how you plan to be thinking and feeling today. Do it in present tense, and do it with genuine conviction, not silliness and/or boredom.

Seriously, try it for a month and see if your thoughts aren't positively changed.

No, this is not a bunch of motivational mumbo jumbo. It’s about controlling your thoughts through repetition of the core beliefs you really value. If you actually do it, I guarantee you’ll be impressed with how your thinking changes. So...

Step 1: Craft your own set of affirmations/incantations, and recite them to yourself daily and with gusto.

Step 2: Next time you feel discouraged, winded, or downright sucker punched like Jim did, take a step back and ask yourself, “What are my options here? How I can choose my thoughts and feelings before I respond to this?”

Rather than just reacting from a default place in your thoughts and feelings, try intentionally stepping outside the situation for a minute and CHOOSING what you will think and believe.

Take control. Your thoughts and feelings control you. So start controlling them. It’s not something that comes super naturally for us as humans, but it can most definitely be learned. And practice makes perfect.

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