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Inner Game

Feeling Stuck? Here's What to Do...

stuckHave you ever had that “stuck” feeling?

Like you have a pretty good vision and drive, you know what you’re trying to accomplish (in business, life, or whatever) and even pretty much how to get there…

But somehow, no matter how long or hard you've tried so far, you just can’t seem to breakthrough, or get much further along than where you are now?

Stuck in a rut. Two steps forward, one step back.

The Fact is, You’re Not Weird

Well, maybe you are, I don’t know. But we all feel “stuck” this way sometimes. And when you do, you basically have two choices:

  1. Assume it’s not your fault. It’s the world around you keeping you stuck – maybe even “the man” keeping you down. You’re off the hook!
  2. Or assume that, circumstances aside, the core problem probably is you, and take responsibility for getting to “know thyself” well enough to diagnose what’s really going on, so you can do a little reprogramming of that super computer they call a subconscious mind.

If you’re inclined to choose option 1…well, God help you.

Today we’re going to help you start working through option 2, with the first in a series of insightful conversations with real estate investor and mindset maven Doug Ottersberg (or DougO as we like to call him).

Doug’s a successful investor who especially loves playing ball in the mobile homes arena. But he’s also an inner game ninja, who seems hard wired to help folks learn how to understand themselves live never before.

Simply put, DougO's got a natural gift for helping folks like you and me breakthrough those inner game barriers we seem to love creating for ourselves, and so often aren't even aware of.

We Love Sabotaging Ourselves, Don’t We?

Not intentionally of course. But we’re so darn adept at creating limiting beliefs in our lives – beliefs that lie unnoticed by our conscious mind, but continually sabotage us and keep us “stuck” right where we are.

The truth is, the more you pay attention to your unconscious mind, the more success you’ll experience. But most people aren't used to interacting with their subconscious mind, and that’s where we’ll start off with Doug today –how to start paying attention to your inner world.

From Doug Ottersberg, Inner Game Advisor…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • When feeling uncomfortable, stop and ask yourself, “What is causing me to feel this way?”
  • Make a list of the reasons – whatever is making you feel uncomfortable (Don’t filter; write whatever comes to mind)
  • Then ask yourself, “What will make it better?”
  • Practice listening to the answers your subconscious mind offers you without filtering them. Trust your own self.
  • Identify hidden, limiting belief.
  • Consciously look at the old belief.
  • Speak truth to yourself; Reprogram the old belief by speaking truth to yourself (calmly and out loud)
  • Rinse and repeat. Changing your limiting beliefs isn't usually like flipping a switch, it takes time and effort, but pays off hugely.

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