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Inner Game

The Secret Sauce of Entrepreneurial Power Players

secret sauceHoe Moguls, Doug Van Buskirk here…

Have you ever had a friend who only calls you when they need something?

You never hear from them until you’re having a party, or going out on your boat, or (the worst of all) they need you to help them move.

Those people kind of rub you the wrong way, right?

When you’ve got extra tickets to a game, chances are you don’t call that guy. He kind of feels like a mooch, even if he is still your friend. You don’t really want to go out of your way to help him, do you?

Now I want you to consider the parallel with real estate investors.

Because oftentimes, eager investors can come across like the mooch in the scenarios above. Not because they’re coming from a bad place, but because they’re unaware.

So today’s lesson is a guide on how to make connections the right way. The kind of connections that make people want to go out of their way…

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