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Inner Game

The Success Disconnect: What's Really Stopping You?

plugs in headWhy do some people succeed while others fail?

It’s an age-old puzzler, but as Tony Robbins aptly put it, “Success leaves clues”. And today we’re going to take a good, solid look at some of those clues together.

Three of them actually…

Meet Dan

Dan Nichols has been a serial entrepreneur since an early age, a successful real estate investor for twenty some odd years, and one of our trusted Mogul advisors for a while now.

One unique and pretty keen thing about Dan is how the guy just seems to have a special gift for helping people to “get unstuck”. That is, whenever the desire, effort, knowledge and heart all seem to be there, but “success” and “reality” still seem entirely disconnected for some reason, Dan steps in – and when he does, breakthroughs and progress tend to come in with him.

A Dialogue on Getting Unstuck

Dan Nichols

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