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Investing Strategies

A Crash Course in Funding Your First Apartment Deal

pocketsWhat is the biggest problem that is holding you back from finally buying your first apartment building?

Suppose you have finally found an awesome apartment deal… The property will cash flow like crazy and create financial freedom for your family… But there is one HUGE problem… You don’t have any money to actually buy the apartment building.

What do you do?

If you’re like 99% of inexperienced investors, then you simply give up and try to find something more in your comfort zone.

But if you are like the 1% of real estate investors who know how to fund large apartment buildings, then you already know that it’s easier to fund an apartment building than most people think – because this type of funding is more abundant.

He who has the Money Make the Rules

If you are lacking a sufficient amount of cash, or if you’re dead broke, then you need to learn how to create money out of thin air.  And right now a relatively large amount of other people’s money is simply “waiting on the sidelines” -- available for savvy investors (like you?).    

In short, money is needed to create the sustainable financial freedom we all seek, and we have found someone who knows a thing or two about funding apartment deals with other people’s money. 

ursoMeet the Apartment Building Money Man

Chris Urso has been a successful real estate investor for several years now.  And during the most recent three years, Chris’ focus has been on acquiring apartment buildings.

Specifically, Chris has raised over $8,000,000 during the last three years to fund a slew of multifamily investments.

This is exactly why we reached-out to Chris several months ago, to commence Mogul’s ongoing series about Your First Apartment Deal.

In previous lessons, Chris has shared with us:

  1. Multifamily Investing: When Is ‘NOW’ a Good Time?
  2. Go Both Ways? (Apartment Investing + Rehabbing)
  3. Apartment Investing: 4 Flawed Reasons You're Not Doing It
  4. Your First Apt Deal: Smart Market & Property Selection
  5. How the "Value Add" Can Make Your Deal

In today’s sixth lesson, Chris is going to show you the #1 way he goes about funding his apartment acquisitions.  For example, how would you like to buy a 20- to 200-unit multifamily property and put up no money of your own?  In today’s lesson, you will learn just how to do just that. 

So without further ado, let’s jump right in and learn more about which financing strategies are helping Chris in today’s market for apartment deals.

Chris Urso Explains…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Build & Incubate An Investor Database – Before you ever begin working on specific deals, start building your own database of potential investors, including anyone you know who might be willing/able to provide capital for a real estate investment.  Remember to incubate these relationships by providing regular updates about (i) what you are doing and (ii) your hopes for their eventual participation.

Master the Process of Using Self-Directed IRAs – Learn as much as possible about self-directed IRA investing, then help those in your Investor Database use their self-directed IRA accounts to invest in your apartment buildings.

Prepare a “Property Package” for Future Deals – Prepare your own “property package” that you can use on future deals.  Your package should include everything you have learned about (i) the market, (ii) the strategy, (iii) why multifamily makes sense, (iv) who you are, and (v) the deal its self.   Have a property package ready to go for every deal you do.  

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