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Investing Strategies

Selling Negotiating – The Art of Powerfully Listening

It’s been said that God gave us two ears and one mouth because we should listen twice as much as we talk. True dat. We can all attest to the fact that if we listened more and talked less, we’d probably learn more and spend less time with our foot in our mouth.

Is That Even Possible?

But did you also know that the highly honed skill of listening can be profitable in your investing business?

This sage advice comes to us via expert negotiator, Franklin Cruz – who, by the way, doesn’t quite agree with the “twice as much” approach to listening. He cranks it way up several more notches stating that during negotiating, you should be doing 95% listening, and 5% talking.

Wow! Is that even possible? In this training video, Franklin’s going to demonstrate exactly how it can be done.

Top Notch Negotiator

Franklin not only rocks with his own investing business, but he also has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs who want to expand their real estate investing goals. Among his many accomplishments, Frank founded the Landowner Club, Tampa’s Largest Online Community of Real Estate Investors.

Check out one of his awesome live trainings for more goodies from Franklin. Other lessons he’s created for Mogul are also jam packed with great information that will help explode your business.

How Crucial Is Listening to Negotiating?

So what’s up with this listening powerfully stuff he’s talking about? Can listening actually be that crucial in the art of negotiating a deal? Franklin says, ‘Absolutely, it is!’

If all along you thought it was the gift of gab that snags the deals, prepare to be surprised. It’s just the opposite. Some of the finer points of the art of negotiating that Franklin shares in this video lesson include:

  • The many valuable benefits of powerfully listening.
  • How to make your seller feel heard and understood.
  • How to add power to the conversation.
  • How powerfully listening leads the potential seller to open up and volunteer amazing amounts of information.

Make sure you listen carefully…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Be intentional – learning to listen will never happen by accident.

Ask open-ended questions –avoid questions that can be answered by yes or no.

Repeat answers back in your own words – force the potential seller to reiterate what’s been said.

Practice listening skills – not just with clients but in everyday conversations. Become a master listener in all relationships.

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