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Investing Strategies

Financing for Rehabs - The Essentials of Getting Your Fixer Funded

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chaseMost real estate investors don’t have $200,000 buried in their back yard for use on rehab projects.

And without a stockpile buried in your back yard, it can be challenging to finance your fixer-uppers.

But funding your rehabs can be easier than you might expect.

Did you know that certain types of funding are exponentially better than others?  (It’s true!)

And, conversely, do you know what happens when you choose the wrong funding source?  I’ll tell you what happens: Stress, and an early heart attack.

There are literally dozens of ways to fund a rehab project, and today’s lesson features someone who has explored almost every funding strategy possible.

The One and Only Red-Headed Rehabber

Today you’re going to hear from the red-headed rehabber himself – Bob McIntosh.  Bob is a full-time rehabber who runs a highly profitable rehabbing business in several markets.  And today Bob is going to explain how to fund ALL your rehab deals. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Bob’s three favorite sources for funding real estate deals
  • The one thing every Investor needs to help secure private money
  • Why hard money could save your life
  • And much more…

He’s giving what away?  For FREE?

bobHey, Mogul Elite members, check out the ridiculously awesome “extra goodie” that Bob has made available in this lesson’s section for Power Pack tools:

(1) You get your own copy of the Private Lender Credibility Kit that Bob gives to his private lenders when he is marketing his deals.

(2) You also get your own copy of Bob’s “Trash to Cash” manual, which he uses for showcasing his previously-completed deals to new/potential private lenders. 

And, since Bob has been successfully rehabbing houses and making HUGE profits for several years now, remember to check-out the other helpful lessons he has provided for us:

Now, tune into today’s lesson, in which the red-headed rehabber shares his secrets about how to get all of your own rehab deals funded. 

Bob McIntosh explains how to fund your fixer-uppers…

{Mogul Elite: Download Bob's Private Lender Credibility Kit and your very own Trash to Cash manual in this lesson’s section for Power Pack tools.}


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Develop Your Private Money Presentation – Create a booklet or pamphlet that you can distribute to prospective private moneylenders, explaining why they should invest with you.

Quick Ninja Tip – Remember to always act like you do not need their money!

Getting Pre-Approved – If you are thinking about using hard money to finance your next rehab project, make sure that you get pre-approved well ahead of time.  (When a deal comes along, this will allow you to receive funding within just a few days.)

Keep Your Private Money & Hard Money Organized  – Always know how much money you have available, so you can easily know on a deal-by-deal basis (i) what you have available and (ii) what you need to get. 

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