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Investing Strategies

How We CONFIDENTLY Invest Outside Our Area

confidenzeHey Moguls, Corey Taylor here back with another lesson about tax sales…

Today, I want to fill a void and cover the urgent, compelling need to fill the Research Assistant with leads so you can pick out great deals, which we define as tax sale liens for interest, or deeds, or liens you want to become deeds.

Now, you may be saying, “Okay, great Corey, I got the RA, she’s awesome, and I researched the lists of my surrounding counties, I’m out of ammo and didn’t get anything. I’m sad and helpless now.”

I sometimes get this response and have to remind men to be men. (No offense, ladies). Let’s agree this would be the case for one of two reasons. Either your area is not a good tax sale investing area, or it’s a great area and you bought a few things, but now the list won’t be replenished until the next tax sale, which could be months, or even a year away in a lot of states.

Do you just sit around and wait? Nope.

We just…

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