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Investing Strategies

My Sneaky “Facebook Stalker” Trick (I.E. Instant Credibility)

Hey Moguls, Alex Pardo here, and I’m about to share with you a sneaky, yet effective method that will gain you instant credibility with any motivated seller, cash buyer or agent.

But before we get into it, let’s modify that title to “The Sneaky, Covert Facebook Method to Gain Instant Credibility.” aka T.S.C.F.M.T.G.I.C.

The word “stalker” creeps me out a bit, but hey, it got ya to read the lesson right? ;)

Facebook Has Taken Over

Okay, so everyone and their grandmamma is on Facebook right? I mean seriously, my 76-year-old grandmother is on it. She has no idea how to turn on the computer, but she’s got a Facebook profile.


Whatever makes her happy, God Bless her.

Anyway, why not use this revolutionary tool to stalk (I mean learn) more about anyone you are scheduled to meet with?

Track with me…

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