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Investing Strategies

4 Critical Cash Buyer Questions to Always Ask

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Having great properties to sell to cash buyers is an awesome achievement. But it’s easy to let lucrative deals slip away simply because you’re tongue-tied and unsure how to talk to potential buyers.

If your palms get clammy and your stomach does a couple of flips when it’s time to approach buyers one-on-one, then you’re gonna want to grab onto this awesome video lesson for dear life.

Nobody Better

And who better to share these exclusive tips than genius investor, author and teacher Jamel Gibbs? He’s the owner of Mill Street Properties and the REI Education Academy. And Jamel’s wrote the best-selling Flip for Profits Manifesto, and this super-smart dude has created several home-study training programs. You’ll definitely want to check out his other terrific lessons and this great live training call we did with him.

Tips for You

Jamel coaches and consults people all across the country, and that’s exactly what he does in this video lesson. You’re going to be privy to the techniques of a pro by learning:

  • How to put both the potential buyer – and yourself – at ease during a call;
  • How to initiate the conversation and lead the buyer to share needed information;
  • How to rescript when getting off the script; and how to quickly get back to the original script;
  • AND most importantly – What exactly the 4 critical questions to ask are.

Dig in, Moguls!

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In what ways have you been successful in engaging buyers in effective conversations? Let us know by leaving your comments below. We want to hear from you!


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Reach out to find new potential cash buyers.

Create a healthy list so you have plenty to choose from.

Contact cash buyers before you have properties to sell.

Work to conquer any fear you might have about one-on-one conversations with buyers

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