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Investing Strategies

Case Study: This ‘Feeding Frenzy’ Tactic Made Me $32K

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In nature, a feeding frenzy typically occurs when predators are overwhelmed by the amount of prey available to them. Sharks lose their $#!%, I mean stuff, and fight for the same prey when a school of fish swims by, for example. They thrash around, arch their backs and snap furiously at anything that moves.

The scenario may not be quite as violent when it comes to wholesale house flipping (at least we hope not…), but the concept is much the same, according to rock star wholesale coach and mentor, Alex Pardo.

Why We Listen to Alex

Alex jumped into the real estate investing business after working for GE Consumer Finance in their Financial Management Program and taking some time off to backpack around Europe and Africa. (Awesome, right!?) Two months into REIing, he closed his first deal and made $44,000.Bam! That was almost as much as he made in 1 year at his boring corporate job.

Today, he has several businesses and has closed more than 250 real…

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