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Investing Strategies

1 Weird Trick That Locates Cash Buyers… BEFORE You Have a Property to Sell

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From Andrew “The Maestro” Massaro

So I get this question all the time

"Maestro, who should I go after first? The deal or the buyer?" 

My response is:

"Follow the market.  Go after whichever is scarce. If the market is hot, that means deals are scarce, so go after deals. And, if your deal is good, it should sell. If the market is cold, that means buyers are scarce, so go after the buyers. Find out what they want, and then go shopping."

But, what if the market is normal, appreciating at a normal, sustainable rate?

Go after the buyers first. It's just smart business. Cash buyers are your customers.They dictate how much money you make.  And, if you waste their time by constantly bringing them deals they don't want, you could easily lose them… along with your shirt. 

So, here is your stone cold, lead pipe lock of the day…

If you follow this very simple trick, you can expect your phone to ring off the hook with cash heavy, motivated, aggressive and hungry property buyers.

Advertise the Most Unbelievable Fake Deal They've Ever Seen… Using Bandit Signs

But Maestro, bandit signs are illegal…”

But Maestro, I'm deceiving people by advertising a fake property for sale…”

Blah, blah, blah!

Listen, if you’re going to wholesale houses, you need to understand and come togrips… right now… with the fact that there is some deception involved with what we do.  For one, we position ourselves as a cash buyer/rehabber to the seller (my whole-sale business is called Rockstar Rehabs, Inc…. and I've never rehabbed even one house).

But look, it's just a means to an end. The goal remains the same: get the property moved, relieve the seller of a stressor and make a ton of money in the process.  So, it doesn't bother me one bit that I sit in their living room and portray myself as a rehabber.  I’m still an expert at getting homeowners out of jams.  This is what I do.

Get it? Got it? Good.

So, back to instantly building your cash buyer’s list, even before you have a deal to sell.

wrong-numberHere is what you do:

1. Get an untraceable local phone number from Patlive.com.

Your voicemail message needs to be short and sweet (as opposed to your voicemail message for sellers, which is much longer and more elaborate). Something like this should suffice:

"Hi, and thanks for calling. We are local real estate property locators, specializing in finding high profit, quick turnaround rehab deals, and also long-term rentals with amazing returns. If you are interested in purchasing one of our properties, or are looking to become one of our VIP buyers, please leave your name, phone number and email address, and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks for calling, and we look forward to speaking with you."

Don't mention your name or business name.

2. Buy 50 yellow 18 x 24 signs, with stakes, from Signwarehouse.com.

3. Use a black or blue magic marker, and write this on them:

3/2 Block 1,400 sq. ft.

Cosmetic Repairs Only

75% Below Retail

(xxx) xxx - xxxx

This sign is targeting rehabbers

If you want to target landlords:

3/2 block 1,400 sqft

No Repairs, Tenant in-Place

30% Annual ROI

(xxx) xxx - xxxx

You just need to know how to speak their language. Rehabbers want low repairs and big profit spreads. 

Landlords want as few headaches as they can get, plus big annual returns.

The trick with these signs is that the deal has to be so good, that they have to call you. Even if they think it's too good to be true, they feel compelled to pick up the phone and inquire. And, once they do that, you've accomplished your goal.

 signWhen they call, they are going to leave you a message. Call them back and explain that the property in question is already sold; that you got a contract on it before you even were done putting out the signs.  They won't bat an eye, because the deal was so incredible. 

Then you quickly change the focus from the fake deal, to how you can help them make money going forward.  Ask if you can take just five minutes of their time to ask a few questions about their business.  And, proceed to find out as much as you can about their likes, dislikes and what they are looking for.  Now, you've just switched the focus off of you, and onto their business. 

Mission Accomplished

Put these out under the cover of night, on a Friday night, and avoid your local code enforcement.  Then… watch your phone blow up, like my friend Mark P's:

                  "I got 21 calls from cash buyers in just a few days with The Maestro's bandit signs!"

And that was when the market was ice cold, and buyers were extremely scarce.

You can expect double or triple that amount now.

You're welcome.

And, if you think this is info helpful, be sure to check out my other awesome lessons and training call.

Holla at Me

Have you found bandit signs to work for you? I wanna from you in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Order some yellow signs to create a bandit signs.

Provide basic info about a fake deal on the sign that will peak interest from rehabbers and landlords.

Place the bandit signs overnight on Friday to avoid Code Enforcement.

Use an untraceable voicemail number with a generic voicemail message asking interested callers to leave their contact info.

Call the interest party back telling them that deal is gone already, but ask several questions about them and their business to start building a relationship so you can offer appropriate deals to your new addition on your buyer’s list.

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