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Wholesalers: What To Do Once They Accept Your Offer

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~ Preston Ely, Doer of Deals


You’re in for a treat today, little mogul. I’ve decided to hand you an exact copy of the official instructions I give to my personal students regarding the process of selling our wholesale deals. Literally, this is exactly what I tell them to do – steal our secrets and prosper, my friend…

What to Do Once We Contract On a Property:

1. Take some pictures of the house – more the better, but at least the front of the house

2. Input the whole shebang – every picture, document , jot and tittle into Freedom$oft

3. Discuss with me how much we will be selling the property for. [determine your sales price]

7. Go put 5-10 bandit signs out around the house (not too close) advertising it as follows:

Must Sell RIGHT NOW!
(813) XXX-XXXX

8. Advertise the property along with the picture, specs, and approx. ARV on Craigslist, and possibly even a local free newspaper publication (this will cost money. Do this only until you build your buyer’s list)

4. Use Freedom$oft to blast the deal out to every other freaking place on the internet, all at once.

5. Use Freedom$oft to pull up all the recent cash buyers in the same area (within a couple square miles or so)

6. Use Freedom$oft to contact all said cash buyers in a few clicks, and tell them about your sweet, sexy deal.

6. Email it out to your buyer’s list

5. Present it to your local REI group.

7. Call everyone you can think of who might be interested in this property. Better be networking!

fingerAlso keep in mind:

You need to be constantly building your buyer’s list. Everyone who calls you from your marketing efforts (listed above) gets put on your buyer’s email list. All you need is their email address. That’s it.

Once someone buys a property from you, they get put on your VIP list. You will be calling them in advance of your marketing every time you get a new property. Make sure all your prospective buyers know about this potential opportunity that they have to be on your VIP list.

Get out there and make it happen. I can’t do this part for you. I can only tell you how I did it. The longer you do this the easier it will get. You may not be able to sell your first couple properties simply because you do not have your buyer’s list established. That is ok. You will be slowly making relationships and building that list.

So Fortunately…

…for my students, they get my ongoing assistance and personal guidance to even know if this was a deal worth messing with in the first place.

Do you need that sort of priceless assistance?

Truth is, I don’t really open up new spots for personal coaching just with me these days, unless someone I’m currently coaching dies (they don’t leave). My plate’s full as it is, and I still need time to sleep till 1pm each day, workout, go to Starbucks and take my wife out on a hot date every single freaking day.

But good thing for you, my boy Thor (or Than Merrill from Flip This House as mere mortals know him) is a flipping machine and a coaching machine. Yes, that’s two machines.

I refer mere mortals to him regularly. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to make an introduction.

But regardless, you now have the very checklist I have everyone use, and it works like gang-busters (whatever that means). So use it.

What do you think of my list? I mean, I know it’s ridiculously good and helps bring us literally fajillions of dollars. Literally. Fajillions. But if you feel like sharing your thoughts, just drop a comment down below.



Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps Everything I just wrote here are your action steps. Look up, it’s all there. Just print this off and do it.

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