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How to Speed Up Online Audio & Video Awesomely

first world problems - online videoFrom JP Moses, Director of Awesome...

Have you noticed how much content online is turning to video these days?

I mean sure, reading text is fine and all – and certainly still the dominant way content is delivered online.  But video is by far becoming the new gold standard on the web. 

In fact, we recently surveyed our members and subscribers and found that basically 50% of you prefer consuming information via video (over written, audio or other forms of communication) when given the option.  That’s a staggering number!

But Then There's the Inefficiency Factor

In terms of engagement, I’ll take audio and (especially) video any day of the week when possible.

But… I’ll also be the first to admit video’s not always the most efficient way to go through something. Personally I’m often frustrated by how much video content I want to go through, but just can’t get around to for lack of time in the day.

And when it comes down to it, while video is much more interesting, entertaining and engaging…I can still scan an article a whole lot faster when it comes down to it.

Then MySpeed Walked Into My Life…

…and frankly, had me at “Hello”. MySpeed is a crazy-awesome, time saving tool that’ll let you speed-up almost any online video – at will.

And here’s the bottom line: with as much online video as I tend to consume, this thing’s probably saved me hundreds of hours since I first discovered it – and it will for you too!

What Does MySpeed Do?

Essentially this tool allows you to watch more videos in less time by speeding up the playback of the video. You can speed up the video dynamically, so if you are in the middle of a video you can speed it up.  Conversely if you want to transcribe a video and they are talking too fast, you can actually slow down the video.

my speed slider

Online video is everywhere today: Lectures, labs, tutorials, online real estate courses, seminars, news, sports and, of course, YouTube. MySpeed Works with any flash video, not just Youtube!  (Almost all video is some kind of flash video these days.)

MySpeed from Enounce lets you change the playback speed of Flash video without any loss of audio quality.   It’s like speed-reading for video, and no chipmunk sound!

(Though it does make someone sound kind of drunk if you slow down the audio. And yes, that’s pretty much awesomely entertaining at times. Try it on a Tony Robbins video…you’ll see :-)

Oh, and it works on a PC or MAC!

The Positives:

  • It’s cheap (only $29.99)
  • It’s quick and easy to go from 1/2 speed to 3X speed (or anywhere in between)
  • Huge, daily time saver (I've probably saved dozens of hours just in the last few weeks alone)
  • Works on almost any online video or audio (if it’s “Flash”)
  • Doesn’t sound like “Alvin and the Chipmunks” when you speed it up
  • Allows you to slow down video to grasp complex material or even learn a foreign language
  • It could be a great tool to provide your VA, transcriptionist or others on your team to speed up their productivity

The Negatives:

  • Occasionally video and audio won’t be quite synced up (but I can live with that)
  • Sometimes I can’t turn it “off” without shutting down my browser first for some reason
  • Used to be free; now they charge around thirty buck for it (but well worth it)

(Note:  these negatives could surely be fixed in future upgrades to the software).

My Recommendation:

Get it, and use it whenever you want to be more efficient, and zip through things like…

  • Webinar/teleseminar replays
  • Product/course/seminar promotions
  • Online video training, courses, etc.
  • Virtual tours and/or video walk-throughs of a property
  • Anything else on YouTube, Google videos, etc.

I mean, seriously…what the heck is your time worth?

Personally I can almost always watch at about 2x the speed and still comprehend everything just fine.  If it’s particularly “heady” I’ll go at about 1.5x the speed.  But that’s just me, and you can set the software to whatever speed your little heart desires.

Anything that’s going to cut the amount of time you spend on something in half is worth it right?  What’s your time worth to you?

Where to get it: www.enounce.com/myspeed  

And here, check out this little video sample below. At regular speed, this video is 3m:27s long. But they sped it up only 44%, and knocked it down to only 1m:56s. You just saved 44% of your time! Give it a watch and see what you think! 

Is there really any other way to consume video online now? :-)

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