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9 Big Fat Mistakes to Avoid When Analyzing Deals

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fatI’ve been an investor for over fourteen years, but I can still clearly remember in those early years how I struggled with knowing how to analyze a deal. I wasn’t sure how to calculate the numbers, and it was awkward for me to analyze deals quickly. Because of that, I know it’s a struggle for most of you investors out there who are new to this game.

In this teaching, I’ll point out some of the more common mistakes to avoid. This way you can learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others, and save you lots of misery and headaches. Below are nine mistakes that could possibly plague you as you learn how to analyze a deal. Let’s get started!

Deal Analysis Mistake #1: Taking Too Darn Long

Some investors have a tendency to think a deal to death. If you spend more time analyzing a deal than you do looking at the property, then you may have a problem. Good deals don’t wait for indecisive people. As my friend, Steve Cook, likes to say, “You can’t steal in slow motion.”

Remember that the purpose…

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