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I am a Real Estate Marketer – Part I

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marketing strategyFrom Craig Fuhr, Real Estate Coach Extraordinaire…

Almost by default, most anyone who deals in real estate, whether flipping, wholesaling, rehabbing, or landlording – is referred to as real estate investors. You’re probably no different in this respect. When you’re asked what you do, you probably answer, “I’m a real estate investor.”

But I’d like to give you guys new food for thought as I challenge you to switch that mindset.

An investor, by reason of definition, is one who has a holding that promises a return on the investment – such as stock and bonds. Or such as buying and holding properties over a long period of time.

Paradigm Shift

For those whose main focus is in the role of wholesaler and rehabber, then marketing is what your business must be all about. It’s time to change from thinking of yourself as a real estate investor to becoming a real estate marketer. Now when people ask what you do, come back with a new answer: “I’m a real estate marketer.”

Look, I can confidently share this terrific info because I’ve flipped more than 150 houses in my career and, at times, I have as many as 10 projects in rehab simultaneously. I’m able to do all that because I identify as a real estate marketer and I really enjoy teaching others how to do the same.

Primary Thrust

Marketing must be the primary thrust of your everyday business in order to keep the pipeline full; to keep the sellers coming your way. In this video lesson, I talk more about that, plus…

What the 3 main aspects of marketing are:

  • Establishing your target audience (who needs to sell houses fast?)
  • Selecting the type of marketing media to use
  • Deciding on the frequency of marketing campaigns

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What do you Think

Do you call yourself a real estate marketer? If so, what does that mean to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Check Yourself – Figure out where marketing ranks in your attitude toward this aspect of your business. If it’s an afterthought, adjust your way of thinking.

Prioritize – Ask yourself where marketing ranks in your list of priorities and reprioritize if necessary.

Budget – Appropriately budget for marketing in your business; it’s vital.

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