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I Am a Real Estate Marketer, Part II

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conceptual marketingHey Moguls, Craig Fuhr, Real Estate Coach Extraordinaire here…

In the first part of this awesome video lesson series, I am a Real Estate Marketer – Part I,  I stressed that for those whose main focus is in the role of wholesaler and rehabber, marketing is what your business must be all about. In other words, instead of thinking of yourself as a real estate investor, you need to think of yourself as a real estate marketer.

Why should you watch this video lesson and take my advice? Well, back in 2007, I jumped full force into my entrepreneurial calling. Since then, I’ve flipped more than 150 houses. That’s all fine and good, but I what I really love to do is teach others my strategies of success. Why? Because I’ve done well for myself financially, and it is an absolute joy for me to teach others how to be successful too.

Change Your View

A few years ago when investors could go to the MLS and pretty much pick up deals as easily as they could pick up fruit in the grocery store –marketing was often put on the back burner. Not true today.

Yes, there are still deals on the MLS but not as many. Now there’s more competition. So where does that leave us as wholesalers and rehabbers?

Back to Basics

Time to get back to basics – and that means total focus on marketing.

No longer can you try one campaign one time and expect it to work for you. It’s time to laser-focus in on who your target market is and market mainly to that group. It’s time to remember what marketing is all about. The 3 main aspects of marketing are:

  • Establish your target audience (who needs to sell houses fast?)
  • Select the type of marketing media to use
  • Decide on the frequency of marketing campaigns

I’ll cover that helpful info plus some extra marketing goodies as well. You gotta watch!

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What do you Think?

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Aim campaigns specifically at a narrow target market.

Track results to measure effectiveness.

Hit your target audience often (no more one-time, half-hearted attempts).

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