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A Simple Guide to Mining the MLS

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mlsA Quick Word...

One of our favorite things is cornering our Mogul faculty and firing hard hitting questions at them about what's working best for them right now in the real world. Unscripted, authentic, and off the cuff, just the way we like it.

What follows is a segment from one such conversation with Mogul faculty Steve Cook, in which we asked him to share specifically where his best real estate deals are coming from today in this market.

Steve's a very experienced and successful investor who's bought and sold many hundreds of properties all over the country within the last fifteen+ years. He likes to keep things simple and direct, and has a few specific methods for deal getting that just keep working really, really well for him, regardless of market conditions.

Part one of his answer was a tactic he calls breeding bird dogs. This is part two, in which Steve shares the uncomplicated approach he uses to consistently…

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