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Virtual Dealmaking: How to Mine Data for Dollars

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zoolanderIs your third-party data provider supplying identical marketing lists to all its clients, including your competition?

In today’s world of easy information and pre-canned dealmaking advice, it is not uncommon for “fresh” and “proprietary” market research to quickly travel from third-party data providers to a very wide contingent of investors – like a “special” gift that is given to thousands of people.  And this sort of ubiquitous advice does not help you (or anybody else) get ahead of the curve.

No, in order to enjoy truly proprietary research, you sometimes need to roll up your sleeves and do a little data mining of your own.

Let Us Teach You How To Fish!

But isn’t it difficult to do thorough market research?  Isn’t that why we’re supposed to pay big bucks to the nerdy brainiacs who churn-out dealmaking advice from within the third-party market data machines?  Since those guys are the only ones who know how to go fishing in this ocean of data, don’t they get to control the distribution (and the pricing) of whatever fish they catch?

fishingNot anymore!  Let us teach you how to catch your own fish!

As a successful entrepreneur, Real Estate Mogul’s very own Alex Joungblood knows a thing or two about researching his own business leads.  And as a real estate investor who enjoys conducting most of his dealmaking from home, Alex knows that a mastery of the available data can put you light years ahead of everybody else in your investing niche.

So rather than relying on somebody else to draw conclusions and generate leads on your behalf, let Alex explain some of the critical thinking and problem-solving tools he uses every day to pursue the right deals with the right people.  Alex has invented a great system for dealing with motivated sellers – a protocol which “brings the cream of the crop to the top”, without having to do a lot of cumbersome legwork.

This approach may help you get more offers accepted and get more deals done, because it will equip you to evaluate your available information in a more strategic manner.

So, Without Any Further Ado, We Introduce Alex Joungblood…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Consider – Consider your ability to conduct your own research into the real estate investment trends in any market which interests you.

Research – When researching a given market, be prepared to take detailed notes while asking yourself the following questions: Who is buying and selling real estate?  Which parties are paying with cash?  What did they purchase?  How much did they pay per square foot?

Drill Down – Once you understand a market’s general trends, drill down into the area’s various submarkets (zip codes, school districts, subdivisions, etc.) and compare trends across the more granular subset of data.

Create – Based on your own proprietary research, create strategic mailing lists for exploring deals with specifically-targeted investors. 

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