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The Pendings Hijacking Tactic

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hijackerA Word from the Director of Awesome…

Today you’re going to learn a sneaky (but 100% ethical) way to snag killer real estate deals no one else is even paying attention to. In essence, you’ll do this by “hijacking” properties that are already currently pending in your MLS.

I know, sounds crazy, right?

And maybe it is a little…different. But it absolutely works.

Moreover its extremely straight-forward and easy to implement, though few investors ever do. Chances are, no one else in your neck of the woods has even thought of it.

I think this sneaky, little deal-getter is best learned right from the “horse’s mouth” of the guy who first shared it with me a few years ago, Bob Norton.

Meet Bob

bob nortonYou may or may not have ever heard of Bob Norton. But he’s an absolute flipping machine.

Bob’s has been involved in 600+ real estate transactions/flips in markets all over the U.S since starting full time in the summer of 2003. He's a total real estate junkie, and makes a very good, full time income flipping houses.

His average inventory is 20-40 properties at any given time, makes $20k-$30 per wholesale deal, and average rehab is around $61,000 per property.

When Bob and I first met in 2008, he was already banking six figures (profit) per month, just wholesaling houses in the Detroit area. In case you don’t already know, Detroit is the bottom of the ashtray of real estate markets in most ways.

bob tutSo Yeah…Bob’s a Rock Star

And I've learned a ton from him over the years… about the power of hyper-focusing on one thing at a time …about how to quickly become a true market expert … about thinking beyond what most people ever do.

That said, let’s turn to a recording I have from a phone chat with Bob I had about his “Pendings Hijacking” tactic.

(Sorry the audio’s a little scratchy – it was recorded over the phone.)

Listen to Bob Norton, Deal-Getting Advisor…

{Mogul Elite: In the Power Pack tools for this lesson, you can download 1) a transcript of this audio, 2) the MP3 itself (for later listening) and 3) a BONUS conversation with faculty member Joe McCall about his spin on this same tactic. Enjoy!]


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Look up all the pendings in your opportunity market.
  • Call up the listing agent and work your magic. Become their backup plan.
  • Regardless of what they say, assure them you’ll follow up again, and ask them to put you down in the file in case anything goes awry. You’re only a phone call away.
  • Set a reminder to follow up until the house sells or they tell you to stop calling.
  • Rinse and repeat for any “deals that got away” that are pending.

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