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Reverse Short Sales: A Crash Course in Saving the Day

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reverse short salesToday I've asked very clever investor Cody Sperber to give us a crash course on one of his signature real estate deal models, the Reverse Short Sale. 

Now for those of you who don't know, you should read Cody's bio.  He is a man of many talents. 

  • This guy's a Navy vet turned real estate guy for 8+ years now.
  • He basically started out sitting at his laptop in his girlfriend’s kitchen, wholesaling properties to a small email list he managed to finagle together.
  • After a few years he eventually figured it all out, and flipped around 250 deals worth around $45M or so.
  • And currently does 5-10 deals/month.

Cody’s done all manner of deals at this point, and in my view, really excels at innovative thinking and beating the ever living pants off his competition. But one of the coolest things he does are these reverse short sale deals.

The Quick Back Story:

So the Reverse Short is a low risk, high return investing strategy that basically involves  the Arbitrage…

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