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Clever Investor Reveals His Matchless Marketing Mojo Part 1

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cody sperberIt's time for another riveting episode in our "My Best Deal-Getters Today" series.

This is where we pick one investor who's really hopping in today's market, and flat out squeeze right out of them, where and how they're getting their best deals right now.

It's like True TV meets Tommy Vu meets Jerry Springer, in Real Estate Mogul land.

So today we've got clever investor Cody Sperber under the 3rd degree spotlight, and if you're not already familiar with Cody...Lol, where have you been?

This guy's a Navy vet turned real estate guy for 8+ years now. And while he may look 13 years old, behind that disarmingly boyish grin lives a total freaking ninja real estate investing dealmaker. 

He basically started out sitting at his laptop in his girlfriend’s kitchen, wholesaling properties to a small email list he managed to finagle together. After a few years muddling through some tough lessons and painful mistakes, he eventually figure it all out, and flipped around 250 deals worth around $45M or so.

Cody’s done all manner of deals at this point, and in my view, really excels at innovative thinking and beating the ever living pants off his competition.

That said, when I asked Cody to share his best sources for deals today, he revealed his top four...but had so much goodness to share, we had to end up breaking it into two separate lessons.

Right now he's doing 5-10 deals/month, and of the four top deal-getting tactics he shared, 60-70% of his deals come from just these first two.

You're about to learn:

  • Cody's #1 and #2 best sources for deals in the current market
  • Why today's REI is like Whack-a-Mole
  • The specific direct marketing tactics that are working ridiculously well for him right now
  • The importance of crafting an online brand for yourself
  • How to get ranked on Google for very specific, local search phrases
  • How he's been getting random, free leads regularly every week, thanks to one time effort from many years ago.
  • The direct mail vendor he prefers (more than click2mail)
  • The ugly "magic bullet" postcard that always gets him 2-3% response rate
  • The 3 specific types of leads he's milking for all their worth right now (exact criteria, plus how he gets them)
  • Postcards vs. letters (Why he strongly prefers one over the other)
  • How the numbers typically shake out (costs, response rate, etc.)
  • The art of the follow-up
  • The surprising way he's able to zero in on fire damaged properties
  • BONUS: Cody's creepy "mortuary" tactic (not joking)

So...is your appetite sufficiently whetted yet? (Yes, that's actually how you say it.)

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From Cody Sperber, Deal-Getting Advisor...


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  1. Move with the cheese. If REOs are drying up in your area, then start focusing on direct to seller marketing again. It's working ridiculously well right now.
  2. Pimp your website. Setup your website to focus on the lowest hanging fruit keywords for your area
  3. Give yourself the gift that keeps giving. Either learn and implement a little light SEO (it likely won't take much), or outsource this to someone else. Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving you free leads over and over again.
  4. Market smartly. Start focusing on inherited properties, absentee owners with high equity and fire damaged / red tag leads (ala Cody's criteria)

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