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How to Convert Foreclosure Callers into Deals - Part 1

reasonHey Moguls, it’s David Corbaley here bringing you a lesson that will help you quadruple your conversion rate with foreclosure deals...

I’m going to teach you how to handle callers who are just seeking information, but then you convert them over to actual deals. There’s a lot of material to cover, so I’m creating 3 parts to this lesson. Welcome to Part 1.

We’ll be talking about how to take inbound calls, and we’ll cover how to control the conversation, plus I’ll explain the different kinds of callers that you’ll encounter when you take inbound calls. I’ll share the opening line that I use (and I recommend that you use as well), and we’ll discuss how to determine whether or not they’re a motivated seller.

We’ll also talk about the problem of saying too much during the inbound call. A lot of times that can scare the seller away. You’ll learn about some of the possible objections you may run into. And I’m also going to give you inbound calling services that…

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