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If You Don’t Know These 6 Things, DON’T Make an Offer

offerYou know what they say about assuming, right?

It makes a you-know-what out of YOU and ME.

So don’t assume – or guess – anything when it comes to making offers on properties.

Jamel Gibbs here, back to share 6 things that you need to know to determine if you should make an offer on a property – or not.

You need to consider 6 things before making an offer.

Let me get right to the point…

Without knowing the answers to these 6 key questions, you should NOT make an offer on a property. Period.

If you attempt to make offers without knowing what you’re getting into, I promise that you will waste precious time, energy and money. So stay with me here to learn what the 6 key questions are and how to apply them to each of your properties to determine if you have a deal or not.

Question #1

What is the asking price on the property and the amount owed on the mortgage?

Not knowing the answer to this…

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