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How Negotiating Got Me a $100K Prop for $18K

secondThere are two types of texts I like to receive on my cell – texts from my lady telling me how amazing I am, and texts like this one that I got from the managing partner of my local wholesaling business:

“Yo. just picked up a $100,000 house for $18,000.”

Preston Ely here, telling you this story: 1) because it makes me happy to think about it again and 2) I know some of you have a hard time believing you can really get houses this cheap and this lesson will help fix that for you. And it has to do with negotiation, friends.

Keep in mind, I don’t need to wholesale houses myself personally. I have loads of students all over the nation who I partner with on wholesale deals. I do this for no other reason than to test things out and see what’s working firsthand, so that I can better guide my students/apprentices.

But I digress…

So, 2 thoughts raced through my mind as I read this fantabulous text…

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