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No Need to Get Stressed Over Investing in Distressed Properties Part 2

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Hey Moguls, one of our awesome newer esteemed experts is back again for another terrific lesson. Lex Levinrad is still pretty new around here, so we want to refresh your memory about why he is so worthy of a Faculty position here at Mogul…

Lex has been an investor since 2003 doing rehabs, wholesales, fix and flips and rentals, and he specializes in buying foreclosures, short sales and bank-owned properties (REOs). He’s actually racked up more than 500(!) transactions. Also a licensed Realtor, he even trains newbie investors in his own company, the Distressed Real Estate Institute.

Lex shares his expertise at speaking engagements across the country at national news and radio shows (he even hosts his own radio show), and he’s been featured in numerous print and digital publications, websites and blogs. (See what we mean by expert?!)

So, we’re just gotta let you have him – enjoy…

From Lex Levinrad…

Hey Moguls, welcome back for part 2. In the last lesson…

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