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Inner Game

4 Traits of Successful AND Happy People

lifeHey Moguls, Steve Cook here…

Does success come naturally? Or is it earned through effort?

Statistically, 87% of affluent people started out in poverty or middle-class. That means that they were able to break out of their 'natural-born' limits and achieve a level of success that was 'un-natural' to them.

If they did it, so can you. But how?

If we can learn to adopt the common traits of successful individuals (and not just those who have obtained financial success but are truly abundant in all areas of their life), then we can learn to produce similar results.

So, in today’s lesson, we’re gonna check out the top 4 traits of successful (and happy!) people.

1. They Surround Themselves with Other Happy and Successful People

It's been said that you are the average of the top 5 people you spend time with -- the average emotion, the average income, the average results...

If you want happiness and success, then…

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