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Inner Game

Developing the Mindset of a Crusher

player“...I ain’t a player, I just crush a lot.”

Those were the famous lyrics by Big Pun (rest in peace, bro), and they seemed rather appropriate for today’s lesson.

Hey Moguls, it’s me again, Andrew Massaro, the Maestro, the Crusher. We’ve shared some good stuff, no... some off the hook stuff, in previous lessons and training calls, but today I’m all about teaching you the ways of a true crusher.

Let’s keep it real for a minute...

The real estate investment biz can be lonely. No doubt about it. It’s competitive, and who wants to give up the goods to competitors? We stay tight-lipped, and we keep our deals on the down low. That’s just the way it’s gotta be.

So we tend to work in isolation, and working alone day in and day out can kill your motivation and confidence.

But I’m here today to remind you that working on yourself – constantly improving yourself and making efforts to stay mentally focused – is just as important (if not more important) than working on your business.

It’s all about mental conditioning, my friends. Let me break it down....

No Holly Hobby’s in Here

It’s as simple as this: Never treat your business like a hobby.

If you’re a rookie investor, you’ve gotta bust your butt to build your business. Your business should consume you, and if you’re still working full time, I’m here to tell you, YES YOU CAN find the time to work on your investment biz.

Listen, I worked nights and weekends to grow my business while I was still working full time. It can be done.

Can you set your business to autopilot at some point? Absofreakinlutely. But you’ve got to spend time in the trenches first.

roller-coasterIt’s a Roller Coaster Ride

Understand straight out the gate that the investment business is going to be a roller coaster ride. You’ll have ups and downs (did I mention lots of downs?), but you’ve got to know how to not just survive but thrive through it all.

Inconsistency is the nature of the investment game, and real estate investing isn’t an exact science. And you know this, man!

Do I sometimes wish there was a magic formula to closing deals? Heck yeah. But let’s face it... the uncertainty and unpredictability are what make this business so exciting, right?!

So, what I’m saying is – find a way to embrace the ride and even the lowest of low moments, because the earning potential is truly worth it.

Constantly Sharpen Your Ax

Find what gets your juices flowing.

Find out what gets you out of bed and lights a fire under your, well, you know. Everyone has different motivators, but you’ve got to discover yours and put into daily practice.

I start my day with meditation and a workout. That’s what pumps me up. What gets your goat? Make those practices part of your day, your early-morning routine, and make every day the most positive, productive and profitable day possible.

Talk to Me

How do you crush it? Share in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Treat your business like a business, always. If you treat it like a hobby, you’ll get hobby results, and crushers don’t settle for mediocrity.

Remember that the investment business is going to be a roller coaster ride. Embrace the changes and find ways to power through the tough times.

Keep your ax razor sharp, baby. Find out what motivates you, and put it into daily practice. Keep your mind and your body right, and the rest will fall into place.

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