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Inner Game

Be Fearless.

fearlessFear is one of the biggest threats to your success in this life, both as a profitable investor and as a thoroughly satisfied human being.

Fear is also one of the most defiant inner demons that you must conquer each day, and it is perhaps the single most restrictive enemy to which your future can become enslaved.

Scared?  Don’t be.

Successful leaders and investors have been overcoming their fears since before Caesar’s army crossed the Rubicon River in 49 BC (after which the brave general immediately observed “the die has been cast”), and you too can trample your own fears under a big fat army boot!

To wit, here’s a powerfully applicable message from Jaret Grossman – a bodybuilder and thought-leader within the fitness industry – which speaks directly to the heart of fear and explains how to break free from the timid shackles that fear threatens to wrap so tightly around your wrists.

Jaret’s message hits right at the core of fear…

…and here is a full transcription of today’s helpful video.

There are two types of people in this world when it comes to attitude and thought process.  Now the first set of people, these are the ones who wait for opportunities to come to them, so that they can, "Take them."  They wait endlessly for some mirage or oasis to magically appear.  Yet it never comes to fruition, and they end up in some job they had no intention of being in.  Doing some miniscule task that they have no desire doing.  All because they weren't willing to risk it. 

The second set of people – these are the ones who find a way to create opportunities for themselves.  These are the ones who make their own luck, so to speak.  These people are your Fortune 500 CEO types.  These are the ones who live life on their terms.  These are the ones that live the life that they wanted to, that they intended, that they envisioned.  The difference between the two sets of people comes down to this concept of fear.

kidThe only fear that you should have in this life is fear itself.

Those who aren't afraid to go after what they want in life, are the ones who turn out to be successful.   Every successful person has conditioned their mind to think they are going to succeed in anything that they do. 

Success is often a result of not being afraid to accomplish anything that you want to, because anything is possible.  A lot of people just disregard it, and they say to themselves that successful people exist because they were lucky, or they were a product of good circumstance. 

You are your own driving engine, and you are your own brake.  You are the only one who can determine you own fate.  We can look a laundry load of billionaires who started with absolutely nothing, and ultimately got to where they wanted to be.  Sam Walton, Ralph Lauren, Harold Hamm, David Murdock, Howard Schultz, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Ellison, John Paul DeJoria.  All these people started with nothing, and built their empires through a gradual process by putting in the hours and time every single day to get there.  

John Paul started Paul Mitchell hair products with $700 in his pocket.  All he had was $700, but this ridiculous, obsessive, sickening work ethic to turn his $700 into something more.  He was willing to put it all on the line to do venture after venture, in what he believed, to turn it into something powerful, and eventually it led to being a goldmine. And still he hasn't stopped once he got there, because it's just about never being satisfied with your past performances, and not being afraid to just go out there and do the damn thing.

No one got to where they were without brick walls or stumbles along the way.  Because no matter how good your idea is, or how much work you're willing to put into it, there are always going to be those dream killers.  There's always going to be those people who say it can't be done.  But the only one who can prove them right or wrong is you. 

determinationThe only one holding you back is yourself.  Any brick walls that come your way, you just have to ask yourself, are you willing to get past the wall or are you going to let it stop you.  Because these brick walls exist for one reason only – to signify how bad you want something.

No business or endeavor was magically produced overnight.  It is a result of getting past brick wall after brick wall.  It all comes down to how you're willing to see your idea and your endeavor through to the end.  You can always point the finger at somebody else or something and say that was the reason why you didn't get to where you wanted to be. 

People make excuses about the economy, and say that's why they’re not successful.  Yet, in the 1980's inflation and unemployment were worse than they are today.  You can always point the finger at someone else and say that's the reason.  But in reality it's all up to you.

You have a choice every single day with what you're going to do with your life.  Who you're going to spend it with, or where you going to spend your money.  But if you just go out and do what you're passionate about, and what you believe in, you're going to be amazed at how far it's going to take you. 

You just need to believe enough in what you are doing.  You've got to believe that your cause is worth making as many sacrifices as it may possibly take to get there. 

The successful people in this world, those future business leaders of tomorrow.  Those future professional athletes, musicians, and actors, and community leaders – the future president of the United States – they are not afraid to create their own opportunities.  They know where they are going in this world.  They know where they are going to end up.  Do you?


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Choose – Choose to reject passivity, accept responsibility for achieving your dreams, and fearlessly pursue the future you envision for yourself.

Understand – Understand that the only thing you need to fear is fear itself, and that anything is possible for those who want it badly enough.

Identify – Identify whatever “brick walls” may be standing between you and your goals, then commit all necessary resources (time, treasure, talents) toward obtaining that which you desire.

Expect – Expect to encounter difficult obstacles, critics and other potential “dream-killers”, and view each challenge as a barometer for how badly you desire success.

Cultivate – Cultivate new depths of patience and nurture a tenacious work ethic within yourself, understanding that the greatest businesses are often built over many years.

Redeem Your Mistakes – Own your mistakes and learn from them, treating them as “teachable moments”, on your road to success.

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