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Inner Game

Getting Unstuck: 3 Ways You Hog-Tie Yourself

mirrorWho is that person staring back at you in the mirror each morning?  You know, that subversive stranger who ruins your life?

The renowned Greek philosopher Socrates was fond of exhorting everyone he met to “Know Thyself” – and with good reason.  Understanding your own Inner Game is a vital step towards embracing personal growth and maturity.  And failing to identify what makes you “tick” is like drinking a lethal dose of psychological hemlock.

Because, let’s face it, you are your own worst enemy.  And if we learned one thing from Sun Tzu’s Art of War, it is to “know your enemy”.

Yes, brilliant thinkers throughout the ages have been touting the merits of introspective self-awareness.  History has spoken; the verdict is in: You need to know who stares back at you in the mirror – in order to stay two steps ahead of him.

Easier said than done, right?  Not necessarily.

hogtiedThree Ways You Hog-Tie Yourself

After many years of consulting with entrepreneurs and investment professionals, mindset maven Dan Nichols has identified three common hurdles that threaten to hinder your journey to personal wisdom and self-awareness.  And true to form, Dan has put a lot of thoughtful creativity into naming these often-ignored social constraints:

  1. The Hidden Caste
  2. Psychological Inheritance
  3. The Petri Prophecy

Each of these mental hurdles involves a different type of self-inflicted hallucination and prevents many people from viewing themselves clearly and accurately.  If misunderstood or ignored, these three social constraints can easily get you “stuck” in an incorrect idea about (i) who you are, (ii) where you fit in the world and (iii) what you are capable of doing.

So catch-up on some helpful context from our latest Inner Game investigations with Dan – The Success Disconnect, How to Not Fear Looking Like a Drunk Clown and Success...Are You Really Worth It? – then check-out today’s lesson for great insights about getting “unstuck” from a few of your own mental traps.

If you take this stuff seriously (as you should), then you can equip that person in the mirror to begin helping you as a well-known friend, rather than holding you hostage as a misunderstood foe.

From Dan Nichols, Mindset Advisor...

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Believe – Believe that these social constraints exist; they are real things that really do have an enormous impact on our core beliefs/psychology about (i) who we are, (ii) where we fit in the world and (iii) what we're really capable of.

Wake-Up – Wake-Up to your own social constraints. Be “guts-level” honest, and ask yourself how the social expectations and/or economic situation you inherited is holding you pack and stunting your potential.

Free Yourself – Free yourself from the chains of these social constraints by daily, fiercely reconditioning yourself and indoctrinating your mind with thoughts/beliefs that are the opposite of any social constraints which shackle you.

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