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Inner Game

Don't be a Millionaire. Be a LIFEonaire.

smileySo, “What is a LIFEonaire?” you ask.

Well, let me put it this way…

Everyone knows what a millionaire is: A millionaire is someone who possesses at least a million dollars. Or said another way, a millionaire is somebody who is full of money.

Tragically, most people in our industry (finance, investing, real estate) pour all their available resources into a relentless pursuit of this deceptive financial goal.


Yes, deceptive.  You see, while many people have achieved great wealth, few people with great wealth have actually achieved great lives.  Few of them have actually achieved what they have truly wanted to become all along – LIFEonaires.

scalesLIFEonaires Live Abundantly!

As our dear friend and Mogul contributor Steve Cook wisely observes on his LIFEonaire coaching site, there is a big difference between wealth-building and living your life abundantly. It’s like the person who has made a lot of money and yet somehow is miserable.  We all know at least one person like that, don’t we?  (If you are unfamiliar with such tragic personalities, simply spend 30 seconds browsing through your cable provider’s latest menu of reality TV shows...)

Yes, when your priorities are focused on wealth-building, you sacrifice all of your time, energy and resources to the process of building financial capital.  And sadly for most, this leaves no time to actually experience life itself.  Instead of actually living and enjoying life, most people’s typical plan is to prioritize a multi-year wealth-building process, so that they might eventually (“some day”) begin to actually enjoy their lives.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a bum deal to me.

clockA LIFEonaire is someone who won’t stand for the “some day” mentality of eventually living and enjoying life. A LIFEonaire is someone who experiences life to the fullest NOW, by taking control of their timewhich IS their life.  Such wise professionals will design businesses to support the lifestyle they want to live, rather than building businesses that might possibly allow them to live a satisfying life (“some day”).

But What About the Money?

Of course, money is an important piece of the puzzle. As a matter of fact, it's one of the most important pieces of them all.

But a LIFEonaire understands money and knows how to put it to work in its proper context. This mentality correctly defines prosperity as having the freedom to do and experience whatever we choose with our time – rather than incorrectly relating prosperity to the size of our bank accounts, which may or may not give us these freedoms.

puzzleWith this healthier focus, LIFEonaires are free to design their lives and businesses to experience abundant living today, not “some day” which may never even come.

So the bottom line is, a LIFEonaire is someone who’s full of life, and more importantly somebody who's free to live whatever life they choose. That sounds simple right?

Well if it's so simple, how many people do you know personally that are right now living life according to your definition of freedom? Few at best, probably – and none at worst.

And what about you?  Are you a LIFEonaire?  If not, consider the following recommendations…


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Consider #1 – Consider the correlation (or lack thereof) between your pursuits of wealth and your personal satisfaction with life.

Consider #2 – Consider what your real estate business would look like if the goal were to give you the best life, rather than to make the most money for you.  Would there be a difference?

Research – Identify the passionate and joyful people in your life, then conduct some personal research by asking them about the education, tools, and/or training they would recommend for unlocking your own passions and joys. If you don’t already know such a person (or if they are unable to offer any insights for you), then the folks at LIFEonaire are here to help you (i) sort through the mundane, day-to-day things that weigh you down and (ii) rekindle your passion for the things in your life that truly matter.

Conduct Regular Experiments – If you suspect that your pursuits of wealth may be stifling your ability to live abundantly, then make a personal commitment to test one new strategy each week (or each month) for enjoying life here and now (rather than “some day”).

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