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Inner Game

Be Fearless.

fearlessFear is one of the biggest threats to your success in this life, both as a profitable investor and as a thoroughly satisfied human being.

Fear is also one of the most defiant inner demons that you must conquer each day, and it is perhaps the single most restrictive enemy to which your future can become enslaved.

Scared?  Don’t be.

Successful leaders and investors have been overcoming their fears since before Caesar’s army crossed the Rubicon River in 49 BC (after which the brave general immediately observed “the die has been cast”), and you too can trample your own fears under a big fat army boot!

To wit, here’s a powerfully applicable message from Jaret Grossman – a bodybuilder and thought-leader within the fitness industry – which speaks directly to the heart of fear and explains how to break free from the timid shackles that fear threatens to wrap so tightly around your wrists.

Jaret’s message hits right at the core of…

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