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Inner Game

Excuses or Deals: Which Have You Got?

 excusesFrom JP Moses...

No matter what the excuse is – no matter how legit it sounds or feels to you – no matter how many people around you confirm what an awesome excuse you have for lackluster results, it’s not enough.

You hear me? It's not enough.

I know this guy named Billy Legendary.

Yes, that’s his real name. He legally changed it to that. It's a long story.

Anyways Billy wanted to get into real estate investing so bad it hurt. Only thing is, he’s completely blind. No, not "legally blind"…I mean 100%, flat out blind, as in all he sees is blackness.

Did it stop him?  Nope. Sure, it slowed him down…but never, not once did he tell me he wasn't sure how he could make this real estate investing thing really work for him sans functioning eyes. Not once.

It took him a few years, but he eventually carved out a nice little profit niche for himself in the mobile homes arena.  With no freaking eyes!

Winners don’t have excuses…just annoying obstacles to work around or obliterate their way right through.

So…how about you? What are your excuses for not being where you know you deserve to be right now? What’s really holding you back? Is it circumstances? No money for deals? No quality buyers? Not enough deals? Can’t afford marketing? Don’t know how to use the MLS? No “dream team”? No business entity?  What is it?

Let’s see what our friend and house flipping machine Alex Joungblood has to say about this…

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From Alex Joungblood, Mindset Adviser…

Burns My Bacon: Excuses

excuses i cantToo many real estate investors launch into their investing careers fueled by adrenaline, great expectations and visions of REI riches dancing in their heads.

Then reality hits. And once we realize the world isn't lined up in obligatory anticipation of our inevitable rise to the top, many of us, discouraged, curse our mentors, and dump the expensive courses – all of them – into the nearest dumpster. Then meander sheepishly back to our mediocre lives, convinced that real wealth is reserved for those either born with it, or lucky enough to somehow stumble upon it.

Time for a good, swift kick in the pants…

If this is where you’re at, it’s time to get over your lack of faith in yourself and your abilities, and to understand that perseverance in real estate investing boils down to a single fundamental, undeniable truth: You have one of two things – excuses or deals. Which one do you have?

To help you decide whether you’re more excuse or deal oriented, I've put together a short quiz to help you decide. Answer each question honestly, and you’ll end up in a better position to finally start winning. For this exercise, you’ll need your appointment book or calendar.

  1. In the last month, how many properties have you driven by, decided to look into, and actually resulted in a contact (call, visit, etc.) with the owner?
  2. In the last month, how many sellers, real estate brokers and other investors have you met with in person to discuss a property that’s for sale?
  3. Whatever that figure is, how many property analyses have you done? (Here, I’m referring to property valuations, profit loss work-ups, etc.)
  4. How many offers have you written in the last month?
  5. How many of those offers were rejected?
  6. How many times did you present a counter-offer?
  7. How many have been accepted in the last month?
  8. How many properties have you closed on in the last month?
  9. How many closings are scheduled in the next month?

Now that you've answered these questions, look at your numbers. What’s the most common number you see staring you in the face?

Zero: Reasons to Ask Why

As you answered each question in the quiz, for many of you one thing probably stands out.




The big Goose Egg.

You get the point.

(Not everyone will report the same figures here. Some of you may have some numbers that are slightly higher than zero. If this is your case, congratulations. Now keep reading because your numbers can be better.)

Now I want you to unabashedly honest with yourself, as honest as you are when it’s just you, God and guilt over something you've done, or should have done.

Why are your numbers so low?

Excuses and Deals Don’t Go Hand-in-Hand

excuses handbook

Here’s a fundamental truth about the real estate Winner’s Circle: It doesn't have room for excuses.

In order to achieve the kind of results that truly changes lives, futures and tax brackets, you have to move beyond any excuses standing in your way of success, and take proactive measures to put systems in place that all but guarantee your success.

Massive Action is the Name of the Game

If you want to reap financial rewards from real estate investing, there’s a certain level of movement needed. And the more massive your movement, the more accelerated your results.

This means you’ll have to give the remote control a rest, ditch the snack bowl, and get to work changing your life for the better.

The best way to get to that place is with activity. 

I’m not talking here about exercise, although a little physical activity might do you some good. I mean, look at yourself.

If you’re going to move beyond what you might call the Excuse Plantation – which in many ways keeps you enslaved to mediocrity – you need to refocus your energies on activity. I’m talking about doing those things that stand the greatest chance of actually helping you succeed in this business.

Do you know the best way to monitor your activity to ensure that there’s enough of it to have an ultimate impact on your small real estate business?

Scoring Your Activity

no excusesWhile it’s tremendously easy to rest on your laurels (that’s your butt!), you’ll find it much more rewarding and fulfilling to actually get where you’re going by striving forward. But how will you know if you’re on the right track? You keep score!

You can use a simple excel spreadsheet program for this, or even your appointment calendar. Every week, categorize each of the items from the quiz (the one you took a minute ago), then look at your results. (Of course, you’ll edit the items on your quiz to match the activities your particular business model require.)

While it may not happen overnight, you’ll very quickly find that the more activity you have, will result in more deals, closings, and cash in your pocket.

Your Survival is on the Line

Before government stepped in and began offering lots of social welfare programs, everyone had one of two choices: Work or starve. (I realize churches and other organizations have always played a role in starvation prevention programs, but essentially, we all faced an eat or starve “choice”.)

While things have changed somewhat, and just about every home is graced with satellite dishes, cell phones, a couple of cars and enough cash to hit the drive-thru of the nearest fast food joint – almost at will – you’ll be better equipped to get motivated if you play your very own version of the Hunger Games.

Rather than hand to hand combat for the entertainment of a select few, your own version of the Hunger Games is predicated on the idea that your way of life – your economic survival – depends upon you getting busy on the daily action items that can help guarantee you survive.

The problem is, some people can’t get moving until they accept the reality that failing to perform might have a devastating impact on their bank account.

So act like your back is against the wall, and you have no choice but to make it happen.

In other words, act as if time is of the essence, and the countdown clock is cruising towards zero at breakneck speed. 

Excuses or Deals: The Rest is Up to You

excuses listHere’s a short list of things you may not have, as you try to move your business forward:

  • Cash on hand
  • Investing partners
  • Credit
  • Deal funding
  • Adequate investing time
  • Low-priced real estate
  • Market Knowledge
  • Contacts

As you look at this list, you may see a list of legitimate obstacles. I see a list of excuses, all of which need to be banished to a far away place so you can focus all of your efforts on success.

I see boundless opportunity, not excuses. It’s really true. As a creative real estate investor driven to reach your personal and financial goals, it’s time for you to recognize that countless investors before you managed to overcome each of these obstacles.

There is NO excuse you have that others in your shoes haven’t already eaten for lunch. And in some cases, some investors have faced – and conquered – obstacles you couldn't begin to understand, like physical, mental or emotional challenges that leave your excuses languishing in the dust.

So stop your whining. Seriously, it doesn't become you. We both look much better in warrior paint. Kick the excuses to the curb and focus on being a deal-making, record breaking real estate investing machine.

PS, From JP...

Consider your butt kicked. Now for a little lighter look at someone who makes zero excuses in life, here's a little video, for your viewing pleasure.

And yes, it's the same one-legged guy from the before/after picture at the top of this lesson...

Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Analyze your activity for the last month. Be honest.
  • Optimize your activity for the next month. Be fierce.
  • Write down any obstacles (excuses) that are holding you back right now, and resolve to fiercely obliterate them one way or another.
  • Force yourself to perform by tapping into an accountability partner – someone who’s willing to hold your feet to the fire rather than coddle and comfort you.
  • Get a mentor if you don’t have one already. Somehow who won’t let you excuse your way out of success.

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