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Inner Game

Why Most Top Investors Fail (And You Should Too)

12-10 success failure

From JP Moses, Director of Awesome...

One of life’s biggest success secrets isn't really a secret at all. It’s just that most people have no concept of how epically, ridiculously valuable it is.

This lesson is about succeeding by embracing your failures. When we’re done, hopefully you’ll see any mistakes you've made (and will make) in a whole new light, and understand the immense potential value of failure.

Let's start by busting a stupid, false debilitating belief.

Failure is Not Bad

Sadly most of us are indoctrinated since birth to believe that failure is an awful thing and should be avoided at all cost. So much so, that we've bred a culture in which mistakes are automatically shamed - one that's effecitvely trained most of us to be skiddishly risk averse, simply out of fear of failure.

What is this craziness?

Here’s a little blunt truth: Never take risks and you'll never scrape your…

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