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Inner Game

Do This, Make Money: 7 Millionaire Mind Hacks

From Preston Ely, Mindset Advisor:

My most serious coaching students -- the ones who want to cut to the front of the real estate wealth creation line -- willingly pay me thousands of dollars for specific action steps which are almost guaranteed to change their place in the economic food chain.

The good news -- for you -- is that today I'm going to give you an easy-to-follow millionaire mind hack blueprint.

What's it mean?

You're getting your very own gold shipment, without the stress of having to cart heavy bricks into your house -- or finding a place to bury it. Enjoy!

Create a Money Mantra Customized to You and Your Beliefs

A money mantra is just a simple mind hack that helps you control your thinking. Whatever yours is, repeat it over and over again until you fall asleep. Affirmations at night can be very powerful because they get into your subconscious, and your subconscious starts working to make it a reality as you're sleeping.

I didn't used to be good at managing money. I wasted too much of it, so when I had my breakthrough, my mantra was, "I am a wise and faithful steward of God's money that He entrusts to me to manage for Him."

I believe that every dollar God gives to me belongs to Him. I see myself as a steward of that money so I try to do what is right with it. So, that was my mantra. I would say it over and over again every single night. Do this every single night, without fail.

Hang with Rich People

One of the most powerful things you can do is hang with rich people. As you hang around them, all that they are just soaks into you naturally and easily, just like a baby becomes like his parents without even trying.

You start speaking like them. You start thinking like them. You start acting like them. You start believing what they believe and, eventually that whole rich mindset soaks into you to the point that it changes your economic DNA.

Read About Rich People

The mind mirrors what it's exposed to, and this extends to what you spend time reading. Rich people have powerful, moneymaking lessons to teach. The specific who doesn't matter. It can be anyone from Warren Buffet to Bill Gates, just make sure it's a rich entrepreneur.

Rich entrepreneurs have it all figured out. The secret to their success is that they believe in themselves -- and their ability to produce an income at the drop of a hat. Most people get hung up on the income-producing part, and it derails the rest of the process. Rich people can see it through, and they have a lot to teach.

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Believe That Money Comes Easily

It's crucial that you develop the ability to believe that money comes easily. It's true; it really is. Forget what you think. Your brand of thinking has actually kept you broke. Change the way you think about money. And it doesn't have to take long!

3 months will do the trick. Push through this transition period and it'll transform the way you think about money. You really can magically change yourself into the type of person who has these new beliefs about money. If you do this, I don't know how it's possible that you can stay broke. If you don't do this, you are cheating yourself.

Become a Giver

One of the biggest, life-changing things you can do is become a giver -- a big giver. It doesn't matter if you're broke, or nearly broke. Giving is a spiritual law, one that holds as much water as one of Newton's Laws.

Here's a true story from when I first got started in real estate, a defining moment in my life as a person -- and as a giver. It was the "aha" moment that taught me the way this works. In my first month in real estate, I took a step of faith and quit my job because I knew a bunch of money was coming to me and, even though I didn't have it yet, I wanted to quit my job because I was sick of working for peanuts. So I quit.

My problem? I didn't have very much money in my bank account. And so, I quit and started on my own, and it was very scary. And all of my deals started falling apart. I panicked.

Previous to this, I had developed the discipline of tithing; it's something that I believe in, something that I believe is partially responsible for my success in life. There are biblical promises that if you tithe, if you take care of God's people, He will take care of you.

The month before I quit my job, instead of tithing, I spent all of my money on real estate debts. When it occurred to me that I hadn't tithed, I felt like I needed to make it right. The problem was, that amount was a few thousand dollars -- most of what I had in the bank.

Even though I was nervous, I said, "You know what? I am going to kick fear in the face." I didn't wait until church the next week. I wrote the check and sent it to my church right that second.

Within a couple of days, all these deals started pouring in and I never lacked for money ever again. So you need to become a giver -- today.

Teach Others

When I was still broke, I got into the habit of teaching others. Instead of waiting until success happened, I decided to share some of what I had learned with the kids in my church.

As a youth leader, I had a platform I could use to share, so I became an energetic conduit of life changing information -- and the teens I was hanging around with soaked it up.

You can do the same with the knowledge you gain. It also gives you the chance to pay it forward while you're doing your small part to help change lives.

And remember this: As you give of your time, your resources and your skills, God can trust you with more. Remember, to whom much is given, much is expected.

Who can you teach right now? Who do you know? How many people do you have in your email list of friends that would benefit if you just started sending them powerful quotes that you come across that mean something to you? How much do you think it would mean to them to just forward those things to them, to just be a funnel of these things? Think about it… and teach!

Mentor Up

Let's talk about guidance. To become financially free, you need guidance. You absolutely have to get a mentor. I've had many mentors in my life. I've had mentors for spiritual things, for the mental and emotional things, for financial things, for physical things. I've had different mentors for every single aspect of freedom and it's really important.

You've got to find somebody and it really needs to be somebody local. It needs to be somebody that you can hang out with and the more time you can spend with him or her, the better. And the good thing is that rich people love to help people.

They are the most giving people I've ever met. They love. When they see somebody come to them, they don't even really have to know them very well. So be willing to seek out mentors who can help you with every aspect of your life.

You get what you are actively seeking 9 times out of 10. So get to it. Look for mentors or become part of a mastermind.

Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  1. Buy the book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker and read it twice. Then get the audio book and listen to it at least once. If you want to thank me -- and you will -- just remember, my favorite gift is paper, specifically green paper, preferably with pictures of dead presidents plastered somewhere near the center.
  2. Create your own money mantra (feel free to use mine if it really does it for you. Or make up your own that really juices you.)
  3. Find the 3 richest, most successful people you can, and start getting intentionally (but not annoyingly) close to them.
  4. Start tithing. Now. Even if it feels like you can't afford it.
  5. Find a solid real estate mentor. When you approach them, don't ask for a handout. Give of yourself first.

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