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Inner Game

Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

faceplantNo one likes to fail.

But there comes a time in every real estate investor’s career when he or she must accept defeat, recognize failure, and wave the white flag in certain endeavors – all without feeling shame or regret.

Of course, I’m not talking about succumbing to any sort of comprehensive defeat, thereby throwing-away your entire REI career…  No, what I’m talking about here are the painful battles you will inevitably lose on your way to winning the war for obtaining personal financial freedom through real estate.

Why is this important? And how the heck do you accept defeat gracefully?

Well, those are great questions, and I’m gonna let Mogul’s own Justin Lee handle the answers in today’s lesson – because he knows from personal experience the importance of failing well.

Specifically, Justin’s recent experience with poor market selection provided…

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