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Inner Game

Course Junkies: Time for an Intervention

booksAre you a knowledge addict? A “course junkie”? Constantly jonesing for your next learning “fix” each day, followed by the education munchies?

Well I’m going to do my best to rattle your cage a little. Let me start with this…

“Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is clutter. Action is Power!!”  ~ Bryan Dodge


So look, here’s the deal:

Knowledge is a great thing. So is taking action. When you’re running a business, the two should be carefully balanced in a way.

Unfortunately far too many of us end up spending heaps and heaps of time getting knowledge, yet really struggle with putting that knowledge into action. It’s an all-too-common ailment.

You buy every e-book and course, go to seminars and teleseminars and webinars, discuss business on forums and Facebook groups endlessly, but have the toughest time really getting your business off the ground.

I mean, knowledge is important, don’t get me wrong. One of my favorite all time quotes is from the late, grate Jim Rohn:

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

So true!

It's just that “continuing education” is also all-too-often an excuse for not actually doing anything. And the inner justifications usually sound a little like this:

cat“I'm afraid I don't know enough yet.  Let me just get a little further past my learning curve…”

“If I rush into this without the right knowledge, I might make a huge mistake...”

“I'll jump in and start making offers once I feel comfortable enough that I really know what I'm doing…”

BALDERDASH, I tells ya!

Look, I know you smell what I'm cooking here. It's a common theme from me...

Become a Spaghetti Thrower

Learn on the job.

Throw as much spaghetti on the wall as you can…

…as fast as possible…

and see what sticks.

spaghettiHere, like this ------------------------------------->

Then pay attention to what sticks and what doesn't, and correct your course accordingly, in real time.

Expect some painful and maybe even a few expensive mistakes.  (It’s part of the game.) No baby learns to walk without a few boo-boos. Just take your lumps, knowing that by taking action (even messy action) you're still gaining way more ground, way faster, than if you took your time and learned yourself to death.

You can take it. You're stronger than you think.

You Need a Diet

If this one’s hitting you squarely between the eyes, then you need go to go on an education diet.

Seriously, stop buying courses and e-books for now. Stop reading the forums and Facebook groups. Ignore that nagging feeling that you’re somehow “missing out” or that your time away might keep you from discovering the magic bullet you’ve been secretly hoping for.

Instead, focus exclusively on applying what you’ve already learned. And apply hard. Do what you need to in order to create the space for you to hyper-focus on action.

Do this for a full month and see what happens. Action only for one month. I’m serious.

Worried that you only feel like you’re 80% there?  That’s perfect. 80% is all you need. It’s all about Pareto’s 80/20 rule. Kapow!

Remember…knowledge is important, yes. But knowledge is not power. And too much knowledge is clutter. Action is power.

ignoranceOne final quote I heard recently from…I can’t remember who. Oh well, it’s awesome and I hope it seeps into the cracks and crevices of your mind…

“Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.”

Oh wait, and one more I just remembered...

“You can have all the knowledge in the world and get nowhere. Action beats it every time.”  ~ General George S. Patton

Now go make it happen, you. I believe in you.

A Major ACTION Step

Think of ONE BIG THING that would move things forward for you, but that you've been putting off. You know what it is...you can probably come up with it in 10 seconds or less.

Now...without thinking...just get up from your computer RIGHT NOW and go do that thing. Don't let your brain give you excuses why you can't or shouldn't right now. Just get your butt up and go do it. RIGHT NOW.

I dare you.

See how good you feel afterward.



Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Be a Spaghetti Thrower – Learn on the job. Throw as much spaghetti on the wall as you can, as fast as possible, and see what sticks.

Be Nimble – Pay attention to what sticks and what doesn't, then correct your course accordingly, in real time.

Just Do It – Get up from your computer RIGHT NOW and fearlessly do that ONE BIG THING you’ve been avoiding.

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