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Inner Game

Course Junkies: Time for an Intervention

booksAre you a knowledge addict? A “course junkie”? Constantly jonesing for your next learning “fix” each day, followed by the education munchies?

Well I’m going to do my best to rattle your cage a little. Let me start with this…

“Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge is clutter. Action is Power!!”  ~ Bryan Dodge


So look, here’s the deal:

Knowledge is a great thing. So is taking action. When you’re running a business, the two should be carefully balanced in a way.

Unfortunately far too many of us end up spending heaps and heaps of time getting knowledge, yet really struggle with putting that knowledge into action. It’s an all-too-common ailment.

You buy every e-book and course, go to seminars and teleseminars and webinars, discuss business on forums and Facebook groups endlessly, but have the toughest time really getting your business off the ground.

I mean, knowledge is important, don’t get me wrong.…

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