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Inner Game

How to Not Fear Looking Like a Drunk Clown

drunk clownHave you ever found yourself in the clutches of FOLB Syndrome?

FOLB = Fear Of Looking Bad

If you've felt it's cold grasp, then you know what a death grip it can be. In the extreme, it’s known as Kakorrhaphiophobia.

For some, FOLB Syndrome is utterly paralyzing, and can keep you from taking any action at all that could possibly make others think poorly of you, even if only in your mind.

When this happens, FOLB absolutely robs you of success by paralyzing your ability to act– by convincing you that the risk of taking action – of doing something you know can pay off big – is simply not worth the risk of possibly losing face in the eyes of your family, friends, colleagues or even strangers around you.

For others, FOLB Syndrome can be an intense motivator – almost obsessively driving you to over-achieve, and making absolutely sure you’re always prepared, always in control, no matter what.

Being Controlled by Fear

Of course it is never fun to be bad at anything. But letting fear sit in the driver’s seat of your life is even worse.

If this resonates with you at all – if you feel in any way stuck or steered by a deep dread of making mistakes that could possibly make you look bad (bungling around like a drunk clown, for example :-) then you need to hear what Dan Nichols has to say.

Dan NicholsWe began our conversation with Dan recently with The Success Disconnect: What's Really Stopping You? in which we discussed why some people succeed while others fail, and what he calls the “three essential imperatives of success” – 1) passion, 2) persistence and 3) vision.

Definitely worth checking out.

Today Dan steps right into FOLB Syndrome with us, and explores not only why we can be so terribly afraid of looking bad, but how to actually turn the tables, and free yourself to become unafraid…

From Dan Nichols, Mindset Advisor...

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Understand: Nobody wants the ego blow of looking bad (i.e. feeling bad)
  • Start believing: That growth demands discomfort – i.e. discomfort is actually necessary.
  • Strap on: Some cajones and start actively reconditioning yourself by intentionally slapping your FOLB Syndrome by taking action in the face of it.

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