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Inner Game

Killer Instinct – The Missing Link

killer Hey Moguls, Preston Ely here…

“Now that I’m losing some, I can see how tough I was – the killer instinct, the single-mindedness, playing like a machine. Boy, that’s what made me a champion.”
 ~ Chris Evert, Former #1 Ranked World Champion Tennis Player

Killer instinct.

That thing inside of you that knows you are powerful beyond belief. Capable of shredding another person to pieces if you had to. But choosing not to. Usually.

You are the…

King of the Jungle.

(I’ll give you one guess who’s in this pic below.)

backIt’s that place within you that refuses to quit until success is realized. You’d rather die than quit. It is the conscious awareness that you are better, stronger, faster and more capable than your competition.

I mean, if you’re not, why are you even in the game? Right?

Yes, business is a game. Real estate is a game. Like Monopoly.

Just kidding...

I meant to say poker. Notice how most good poker players are oftentimes very successful businessmen. Their game face is on. And they are there to win.

Look, you’re the one who chose this as your life’s vocation. Not me... I’m merely telling you how this all works.

If you dislike the world of commerce, and would prefer to be a nice guy or girl, I advise you to move to the countryside and… I dunno… paint something. This is not for the faint of heart.

This is for take-no-prisoner warriors.

Anyone who tells you different is selling something.

            “The Lord is a warrior. The Lord is His name.”
                                                ~ Exodus 15:3

The rat race is safe. That’s why people stay there.

You’re swimming with sharks now, buddy… toughen up or get out.

            “King Kong ain’t got *#%! on ME!”
                        ~ Denzel Washington in Training Day           
                       (commonly labeled the best movie quote of the 21st century)

sharkThe killer instinct is to be capable of tremendous good and unspeakable evil at the same time, but choosing good as often as you possibly can.

You have the power to save life and destroy it.

You are a force to be reckoned with in the world.

You have choices and the courage to choose quickly. If that choice turns out to be the wrong one, you shake it off and keep going without a second thought.

You are a victim of nothing, but rather the overriding cause and reason of all your outcomes (with a humble and conscious awareness of God’s providence over everything).

You fear no man, no thing and especially not life itself. You wake up every morning with the attitude: “Bring it on.” With each additional measure of pain that this world heaps upon you… you smile, knowing that you are getting stronger and stronger as you continue to persevere.

You are unstoppable.

You… are… a FIGHTER.

]instinctIt’s not enough for a man to choose not to fight another man. Or to opt not to verbally engage in a debate. A man must also know that he has the power to beat the other guy to a bloody pulp if he so chooses. Or verbally spank him like a little school boy with irrefutable arguments to the point of drawing him to tears with words alone. (Yep, I said it.)

The man with the killer instinct chooses to walk away, not from fear, but rather from a position of strength and integrity.

The killer instinct.

May I humbly suggest that this may be the missing link for you?

It is with most people I meet.

Nature itself tells us that only the strong survive. You think it’s just some weird coincidence that both animal and human females are attracted to strong males with a killer instinct?

They’re drawn to these alpha males because of their natural instinctive desire for preservation, provision and security. This world is a dangerous place in case you weren’t paying attention.


Stop hoping for money. Start expecting it.

Stop asking for things. Start taking them.

Stop following all the rules. Start making your own.

Stop being passive. Start being aggressive.

Stop getting beat up. Start…not getting beat up.

Or go paint.

I won’t be mad at ya. The world needs painters.

Holla at ya boy

So, what’s your missing link? Reach out to me in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Ask yourself why you’re even in REI. Be honest with yourself.

Decide that you’d rather refuse to quit until success is realized.

Recognize whether your missing link is perhaps that killer instinct needed to survive in this game and in life.

Make your own rules.

Be aggressive.

Start expecting money.



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