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Inner Game

Clear the Fog and ELEVATE Your Game

mistHey there, Moguls!

For today’s Mindset Monday, we’re going to talk about how taking care of your physical body goes along with a healthy mindset and clear focus.

We’re going to share a video lesson that includes yours truly (JP Moses) chatting it up with the awesome Justin Wilmot, in which we talk about our favorite goodies that we believe “do a body good” and drive daily productivity.

So, whether you are a CrossFit king or lazy couch, it doesn’t really matter because everyone can learn something from this!

You guys know me because I’m always hanging out here, but do you remember Justin? As a Mogul expert, he has shared some awesome lessons and given an in-depth training call on his specialty, 10 Hour Wholesaling.  But if ya missed all that, here’s a lil bio on him…

Who is Justin Wilmot?

Justin destroyed competition in the investing world starting with fix & flips and wholesaling HUDS. He’s a lifestyle entrepreneur who quickly cracked the code on maximizing profit with minimal effort. Justin only spends about 10 hours a week running his investment business and spends the rest of the time on the passion that drives him – surfing. 

After coasting in the fast lane of success, Justin decided to start his own investment business where he coaches and mentors others. He does this all, of course, on the Florida coast in between surf sessions. In fact, he’s mastered how to wholesale worldwide through his effective system that runs almost entirely on autopilot.

So, you guys ready to hear more? Here’s some stuff we chat about…

What Is in This Video Lesson?

  • Sexy bodies = sexy minds – How your physical body effects your mindset and productivity
  • Inspiring books – Our favorite books that have made our lives healthier and motivated us toward success
  • The best coffee EVER – Both of us actually drink the same organic, toxin-free coffee. This is probably the best secret revealed
  • The forecast is clear – Our tips for waking up with a clear mind and full heart
  • Justin’s sleep hacks – Justin spills all his goodies for having the best sleep EVER (every night)!
  • Structure and routine – How to do it successfully and why it’s so important
  • Much, much more tactical good stuff and fodder!

Okay, so are you guys ready to get this show on the road? Let’s go…

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Spill the Beans

So, who else out there has some good to share that they feel impacts their minds and eliminates the fog? Do tell! Give the community a shout out below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Plan your days.

Stay on schedule.

Include structure in your life.

Stick to routines.

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