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Inner Game

Why You Should ALWAYS Start With the End in Mind

If you are an entrepreneur, as most investors are, you’re an action taker. This is imperative when it comes to investing because action is essential to winning this game. However, there is downfall for some investors who don’t know how to have an end in mind.

As the great Stephen Covey says:

                  “Begin with the end in mind.”

Well, today we are going to take that concept and make it very tangible and relative to you and your real estate investing endeavors. And we’ll do this with help from the uber-talented Justin Wilmont. Most of you remember Justin from the extremely popular training call Be a 10-Hour Wholesaler: The Fastest, Easiest, "Low-Hanging Fruit" Way to Make $5,000 This Month.

But, if you guys didn’t listen in on that call, here’s a bit more about Justin…

Aloha, Justin Wilmont

Justin’s alias is “surfer dude.” Surfing is what drives Justin’s passion for investing. You will learn quickly that Justin is a lifestyle entrepreneur and cracked the code on maximizing profit with minimal effort. He focuses just 10 hours a week running his investment business and spends the rest of the time surfing (don’t be hatin”!).

Justin started his investing career successfully crushing HUD deals left and right and then decided to test his talent with fix and flips. After much success, Justin started his own investment business in which he coaches and mentors others.

He stays on the Florida coast while wholesaling worldwide through his effective system that runs almost entirely on autopilot. Justin is an expert on making as much money as possible in as little as time possible when it comes to investing (surfs up!).

Who wouldn’t want that lifestyle?!  I could envision this being my end, couldn’t you? So, without further ado, let’s tune in…

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Great stuff, huh?

Stephen Covey (sorry, I just love this guy!) also says it well in this quote:

                  “Where you are headed is more important than how fast you are going.”

Well, I hope we gave you guys some food for thought that will help you envision the end of a beautiful and successful future.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Define a realistic goal.

Incorporate a vision of the end.

Follow that vision through steps.

Ride the success wave.

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