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Investing Strategies

Insider Tricks to Selling Your Rehabs Fast

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tricksYou know that phrase you always hear, “It’s the little things that count”? What if I told you when it comes to rehabbing, that there are some very inexpensive little things that count when it comes to selling your rehab fast? Would you want in?

Of course, you do… I did, who doesn’t??

So welcome to today’s lesson about the little things that count when it comes to rehabbing, taught by the extraordinary man, Franklin Cruz. Previously, Frank shared with us his 5 Steps to Selling Your Wholesale Deals Fast, and today he is going to let us in on the tricks that sell your rehabs fast.

If you missed Frank’s previous lesson and why we think he is such a cool person, let’s break it down with some Cruz/Cruise metaphors…

Cruz Vs Cruise: Who’s Cooler – Franklin or Tom?

#1. First, let’s start off with the obvious…Franklin Cruz and Tom Cruise both have the same last name (just spelled differently). But who better represents the name?

  • Tom Cruise was very entertaining in Mission Impossible…
  • But our Cruz lived a real life story of a mission impossible. If you read Franklin’s bio, you know this guy is a TRUE survivor.

Sorry, Tom, Franklin gets the cool points here and takes the name.

#2. The second comparison is business skill.

  • Now, Tom may have done quite a bit of Risky Business and opened Cocktails and Dreams
  • But our Cruz went from being a poor orphan to a millionaire real estate investment entrepreneur. Frank has done all types of deals, but has flipped a ton of multi-unit buildings and made a killing. He founded the Landowner Club, Tampa’s Largest Online Community of Real Estate Investors. With several books under his belt already, he has a new book coming out titled, How to MAXIMIZE Profits with America’s Rent to Own Program — Now your DREAM can be Realty HOME-OWNERSHIP. Among these businesses ventures, he is also owner of several Internet Marketing Businesses and TradeMark Property Management (Which he and his Wife Bridgette started the with 0 Clients in built it to over 500 units in less than 5 years which the company was later sold to an Investment company).

Now that’s taking risks, and in our world – Frank is definitely cooler.

#3. Now let’s compare manliness.

  • We have all seen Tom do some crazy fighting, become the last Samurai, fly F-14 and destroy MIGs, get Generals to admit that he is “damn right” they called a Code Red, and win at Thunder Road. Even though Tom apparently does his own stunts and can really fly a plane…. Admit it, Tom, it’s all still acting and you weren’t really born on The Fourth of July
  • Meanwhile, our Cruz was an honorable Army Sergeant and is a decorated military veteran that served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He’s the real deal, risking his life to protect our country, leading a platoon and saving lives.

Let’s be honest, Tom. You’d be lucky to be Frank’s wing man.

fight#4. Finally, let’s compare who is a better man.

  • Frank is a fantastic husband, dad, and a person of sincerity. He is extremely religious and credits his enduring faith for his life changes, strength and success. Frank is the nation’s leading investing mentor (with over 10,000 readers each month). To top that off, he founded Wounded Warrior Project (to help wounded soldiers rehabilitate), and co-founded Hope for Homes (for people that dream of owning a home). Amidst his very busy schedule, Franklin still takes time out to serve his Community, specifically our children and youth. He gives motivational speeches at various venues for the non-profit organization S.E.R.V.E. These children are impacted with encouragement and hope for their futures, as well as challenge and direction in become all that they can be. See more at: http://www.franklincruz.com/about-me/#sthash.jN9DeQdT.dpuf
  • Tom, we have all heard you are kind of a jerk and a little obsessive with your Scientology. And, let’s face it, you really screwed-up things with Katie.

Ouch. It’s an oblivion. Tom, if I were you, I would go very far and away…

Talk To Me, Goose

So, let’s get to crackin’ this lesson wide open. What will you learn?

  • How to make your rehab “pop” and why that gives you an advantage
  • How to create a rehab trademark and why
  • Where you can get the “bang for your buck” in rehabs
  • How to advertise your rehab effectively
  • The “little things” that make the difference to buyers with rehabs
  • Rules not to break when you rehab and why

Are you ready to hear from the man himself?

Press play to be affirmative, Ghostrider.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Convert the rehab than the listed properties you're currently competing against

Find an artist/drafter to make an artist’s rendering of your projected finished rehab

List in the MLS along with a list of all the improvements you're making to the property

Advertise a full 1-year warranty

Create a "pop", appeal and trademarks in your rehab. (Like Franklin's wine cooler trick). It doesn't have to be very expensive, but can really make your house memorable and stand out from the rest.

Find your local scratch and dent store (where Home Depot and Lowes liquidate to) and buy all your nice rehab appliances from them.

Remember Franklin's rule: Never spend more than $2,000 on (i) fridge, (ii) washer/dryer, (iii) stove and (iv) wine cooler.

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